Desire not completly surrendered


I’m curious what those who evoke here do, when they feel they have more to give after an evocation. I used to just barrage the target of the working with different things but that attachment can backfire if not done right. Sometimes I feel like I should perform the evocation again in a few days but that still gets in the trap of reversed effort. Anyone else get into this now and then?


You know, now that you mention it, I’ve been there quite a bit, and I will revisit the evocation the following day… but in the 24 hours between, I’m devoted in thought and focus towards the goal. When I perform a series of evocations of different spirits, it sometimes becomes a sort of power funnel generated by a month or so of extreme focus followed by intense evocation.


Thank you very much for your reply, EA. .


Is it necessarily? If ones attitude is just treating this as one large operation from the start because one knows it is necessary, does that imply one is in some kind of emotionally low state, fearful and attached … but in any case, how can you reach the state of detachment without getting everything out of you, giving it all over, and reaching the state of knowledge? For those of us who aren’t masters, might not multiple successive evocations over a period of time might be necessary to accomplish tougher goals? I mean, look at pacts that last 30 days or something like that for example. Can one month of intensive work not change the world? I treat it as one big operation.