Desire is what makes the difference

So, for the last few days, I’ve been reading about more traditional ceremonial practices, and considering doing a few. And then I was hit with a realization. The magician is not any more special than anyone else. He or she wants the same basic stuff like money, knowledge, power and influence, love or sex, or to punish an enemy.
No different than anyone else. And there is magic out there to give it them. In fact, the rites that focus on the Abrahamic God are no different. You can call on him to hurt someone as easily as you can call on a demon to help someone else.

So, this got me thinking. What is the real factor that separates the right and left hand paths? Desire! That’s the difference.

The right hand path is about asceticism. Meaning you’re not supposed to have earthly desires. Or to the very least, you’re supposed to pretend you don’t. In the left hand path, though, you’re supposed to accept that you are what you are, an earthly creature with earthly desires. And through that acceptance, and the self awareness it brings, you’re meant to achieve power and wisdom, both in the material and immaterial.

I mean, whether it’s because of religion, or the traditional or cultural beliefs and morals we were taught as children, I feel as if we’ve become blind to a reality that dictates that only the strong, the lucky, and the clever get to achieve anything in this world. Instead we’re taught that good things happen to those who follow the basic moral rules, which seem to focus less on how we treat each other and more on what we indulge in. This leads to a culture where people put on some image of innocence and then think they can behave like pricks.

If we were to assume that virtue means to not indulge in something as earthly or base as sex, then the average incel should be considered a holy man. Though ironically, I’ve often thought that Western culture praises people who have things like power, wealth, or status, but we frown on those who want these things. Which opens up the question on whether the virtuous are truly virtuous, or are they using the idea of virtue to compete with everyone else over the exact same things.

Idk, this is something that popped into my head.


I think your analysis of this whole topic is completely spot on.

It might even be a vicious cycle that goes something like this:
learn that you have to be a “good guy” and that youll be rewarded for it → be a good guy and notice that bad people somehow seem to have more than you do, but cling to the idea because your reward will come eventually → start to break and think that maybe it doesnt work the way you were taught, maybe start some bad guy behaviour at this point → come to the realisation that it very likely doesnt work the way you were taught → do bad things while keeping up a facade of being good, fooling yourself and others → regret doing bad things and start from the top again

At least thats how I experienced it before starting to break away fromwhats considered to be THE path and trying to find my own path.

Also, and I hate to do this as I agree that lots of RHP teachings are incredibly damaging, but I do believe that what you said here:

that while this definitely is the exoteric teaching that reaches the masses and beginners, I dont really believe that this was originally the intention. Buddha comes to mind who, after being an ascetic for some time, realized and said that “oh boy, that isnt the way” (paraphrasing).
So while I agree that churches teach these incredibly destructive practices, I also do believe that the RHP is valid if you dig deeper.
I mean, look at the LHP. When you first dive into it and are confronted with the most accessible (and outer) layer, what is it about? Satan, revenge (even murd3r), fulfilling ones desire without any thought of how it would affect other people…its just a horrid picture.
If you were to follow these “outer teachings” to the T you would end up like someone who follows outer circle RHP teachings to the T, namely, a miserable person and likely in jail or even dead.
So while I despise the church and all those holy RHP people who think theyre so good without using even 2 of their braincells to dive deeper into the subject matter, I feel like I have to defend our RHP brothers from this generalized statement.
The LHP is not better in this regard.

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I have travelled the world and some of the happiest people I know don’t have much money and possessions.

I think RHP and LHP are not much different because we are all grey deep down… Angels can cause destruction and Demons can do good as you say.

RHP, LHP, same meat different gravy.