Desecration of the sigil of Asmodeus in the movie Veronica

Because of some posts on this forum I decided to watch the movie Veronica and do some research.

The movie Veronica originated vague form a real paranormal case of Estefania Gutierrez Lazaro.
Now the story goes that her Grandmother, Grandfather or dad (it differs from reports and from the movie) died cursing the family in their live, after his death. Estefania Gutierrez Lazaro lost a friend (boyfriend of one of her friends) and she tried to summon him with an Ouija board. This session was interfered by a Nun who spotted the girls, and this resulted in not closing the session. Estefania Gutierrez Lazaro came in a coma like state (or possessed like state). It seems that not the friend but her dad, or granddad came through. Short after that she died and the house became haunted. Pictures of her face where burned. An iron Jesus image was detached from a cross, lights went on and out.
Even the Police who went to the house speak of paranormal activity and suddenly close the case.

Now in the movie we saw her little brother making a mistake to not draw a protective sigil but instead draw the sigil of Asmodai. If you read everything this last part is bullshit and invented by the film maker to demonize Asmodai and the movie.

That there was an Ouija session and activity seems clear. That there was cursing and ghost activity is clear to. But to demonize it all is utter bull…


Did I like the movie? To be honest it was scary and I really zapped through the end. But I don’t like the things happening to young kids, so I was more sitting behind my screen, ‘leave the kid alone ;-)’.

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Agreed. It was well made for a retake on the ‘ouija/haunting’ genre, but if the viewer had any actual knowledge of entities then I imagine their opinion would be similar in regards to how the mechanics work and the nature of the hauntings.

It’s all about money, though, and the real life magickians in the film making industry know how to make their money magick work, don’t they? That’s why we keep seeing common themes like this, even though their premises are erroneous.

There are entities that could theoretically act like that, but not the kind with sigils you find in a book.


That movie sounds scary… :open_mouth:
I can’t imagine how scary it must have been…
But why Asmodeus??? What’s he got to do with this all?

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I had to put a link to the other topic: Whose sigil is this?
This is my follow up. For a strange reason the movie was almost finished and they would do a last seance with protection sigils and then a kid took the wrong page of an occult magazine and came on a sigil of a demon (it was part of Asmodai his sigil and the rest was invented). It looked like the kid became possessed. But like I’ve stated it has not hing to do with the real story, just made up.

And you’re right @Ravenxoxo, it’s not my genre, maybe for during the day but not to watch at night.

1 Like :)))) Veronica in my country was a film for kids in '72 :))

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wow which movie? veronica?
i love asmoday! :smile:
sex sex sex

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