Descriptions of the underworld in the Vedas


I remember from my studies of the Vedas that it describes the underworld regions or “hells” as they would call it in Christianity. I remember reading that the underworld below our earth plane is described as more materially wealthy than even the heavens where the gods exist (above). I also remember reading that this wealthy underworld has no sun, so maybe it is a black sun although I don’t remember the sanskrit term for “black sun” being mentioned so I don’t know about that point for sure.

Either way I am able to visualize this nether region and really see it in my mind’s eye.

Before shitty western religion like Islam and Christianity took over the world, there was so many traditions in so many parts of the world and they all are very similar and pretty much have the exact same ideas.


:rofl: I always feel like the underworld is some kind of a cool club with all the cool entities! It where the parties at! That’s just my imaginations talking…


In Hinduism, underworld is different from hell. I don’t know their coordinates but as per scriptures, you have seven worlds below earth (earth is considered flat or plane) which constitute underworld. And hell is a separate region where sinners are tortured.


yea that is correct. One of those seven worlds below the earth plane is the “subterranean heavenly realms”. They call it as “heaven” since it is even more materially wealthy than even the heavens above the earth realm.

So in that realm there is no sun, and the people are all “demons” in the sense that they do not worship the gods like the demigods do. The vedas make it clear that there is no real difference between the demons and demigods.

The lowest levels are the actual “hells” where people who engage in extremely vicious actions are punished. Things like child molestation and so on.


I don’t know much about these but I can guess the materially more wealthy you are referring to could be Naga loka, the region where serpents live and filled with a lot of gemstones.


yea that is mentioned, that “there is no sun and the only light comes from the gemstones on the foreheads of the Naga snakes that inhabit the subterranean heavenly region”.

Interestingly, there’s a tribe in north-eastern India who are known as Nagas. They are more chinese-asian phenotype than indian though.


From what i understand the underworld in most tradtions prior to the Monotheistic brainwashing such vedic and norse - hel/helheim- underworld are places of regeneration. The “torment and pain” suffered there is self induced as a result of things the person has to work through regrets, past pain they held onto and such.

If you look into the norse myths helheim is made up of both places of pain and of revelry. In the norse myths baldr is symbolic of the soul and his death is representative of the soul incarnating into flesh.

In the myths the underword has both it’s positive and negitive aspects. Both of which are self induced depending if the person decides to punish themselves for whatever reason or if they need to rest and go over past lessons.

The goddess of this plane hela acts as a mirror reflecting the light of the soul back on itself. This is why she is depicted as half beautiful maiden and half rotting corpse. To those who see her as a corpse it represents the person clinging to old attachments that no longer serve the person and are dying or being removed.

Hela only reflects and waits with the person without judgement. If they want to torment themselves she lets them. At some point that period passes and the person realises they are only beating themselves up.

People go though this process while in the flesh as well when they work to break old mental patterns. This process at times can feel like an actual death as the pattern as far as aspects of the mind are concerned are a part of its identity. So its dismantling is the break down of ones own past identity.


True, punishment merely for the sake of punishment is another aspect of the western religions. That God is such a monster that he wants to simply damn you to hell forever.

The heavens and the hells are not eternal places, as everything is existing in a cycle, including the material realm itself. So the idea of eternal “heaven” or “hell” is just another horseshit christian/muslim idea.

I saw a video yesterday of EA Koetting where he said that if we can destroy western religion, non-violently, that the world will experience tremendous evolution very quickly. Western religion is truly an evil thing. The entire history of western religion is simply christians, muslims, and jews slaughtering each other. I sometimes ask Christians, “Is jesus christ the most genocidal monster to ever exist (actually he didn’t exist)?”