Descent into the Frozen - Dark Phoenix Rebirth

This is one of my most personal techniques.

Raging maddened in torment I drift to the beyonds racing but there through in an empty space I am caught by the invisible. So I am calmed. Yet, being isolated and alone in that dark seemingly boundless expance I am frozen by the every insignificance of myself in everyway. I feel myself like a planet reversing backwards in time, at first convulsing into worsening stages of cataclysmic settling but then phasing through mergings and inner crashing that continue to rewind.

As the sequence goes backwards I am interested in some of the things which I perceive so I allow time to slow down for my own pure interests sake where by I observe things I would have missed otherwise. Brillinace awakens within me as the energies are reshown before me. I inherit the lost from my own merciful curiosity.

So then I realize in that moment that I am still persisting in an essentially frozen state. So then I intentionally go innerly and then dormant but with direct intention to draw forth. So then from a momentary state of self initiated micro death I am reborn by the inspiration and reguvinated in mind, soul, and spirit even feeling vibrant sensations within my body as I take breathes which remind me why I enjoy being alive.

Then, I notice radiance has begun to shown around me. I realize that I’m no longer in a dark place nor am I frozen but that which was hidden before is now shown to my rejuvenated perception and expanded mind. I harness an even grander scope and acceleration at the ready.

I put this in the black magic section because it’s completely self initiated and isolated. This is a personal work and is most appropriate when one is alone and away from all desire, need, or influence. Also, by the issue of the self initiated death whereby finality is held back, like the healing blade of a surgeon.