Depressive state?

After evocation, i felt quite okay (numb) for a couple days.
but now i’m having full blown manic panic attacks to the point where i’m screaming into my pillow and crying, then passing out, waking up, and the cycle continuing.
I don’t know if this is related to any negative emotions.
i also know that love spells can backfire so i’m quite worried that i’ve in short fucked up.

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You seriously need to ground.


Who did you evoke? What exactly you did?

the thing is i was fine before. that’s why i’m like wtf ??

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Nope, it’s not due to evokation because I had that before lhp so if evokation would do that it will accentuate that shit which in fact is gone since I started lhp.

What you are describing is crisis. Now I can’t say exactly which kind of crisis because being in a lack of informations towards what’s in your mind/heart daily and based on my own experience … It would be stupid to scares you if you’re having something way more little.

I would advice you to do a lot of things to be relaxed first maybe it’s just related to high anxiety like panic attack. Do you have anxiety in general ?,…

Do also a purification bath for your energy (take a bath not too cold not too hot, add some citrus - I put one green citrus and one yellow - but you do how you want the ingredient doesn’t really matters + big salt + one cup vinegar)

I wouldn’t add anything else more than that. When you’re in that bath, stay focus no source of anything that could attract your attention. Only quiet music if you want. Float. Then start visualizing all the negative energy inside you concentrate on it, make them come to the very surface of your body you need to feel them all to the maximum. Completely full of negative energy.

Then, you visualize those energy as the color black and you visualize them going outside of your body by your pores do this a long time as long as you can but it is exhausting.

When it’s done, visualize white and gold energy coming inside your body. The good energy. Take an even more long time on this one and be full of good vibes when you finished you will probably take a few minutes before be able to get up. That’s how you know your work with energy in that bath actually worked.

Do that thing have an healthy sleep schedule, don’t evoke invoke too much if it’s the beginning for you… Purify your house as well … White sage ?

To help sleep, put some lavenders next to your bed / under the pillow… Search for things like that, things that can heal.

You can as well evoke Raphael for healing.


thank you for the advice

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