How do you all deal with depression when working magick? Iv heard that you shouldn’t attempt any magick if you are depressed as it is counter productive because of the energy involved. So how do you deal with this? If you’re depressed constantly all day everyday maybe with a 10-20 minute blip where your “okay”? Iv been like this for as long as I remember, I can’t even visualize what it feels like to be happy anymore.


What helped my depression and still does is meditations and working with my chakras. Usually with depression there is an imbalance somewhere. I still have some lows sometimes but thats usually when I’m over worked and exhausted. I know its time for a break when I start having melt downs.

I have had extreme depression since I started doing magick routinely. Mantras really help me also.

Main thing to remember is balance and stay grounded.


Thanks for the advice and I hope you’re feeling better in yourself :slight_smile:
Only thing is how do you avoid listing after results when you’re in a bad place you’re desperate for you situation to change?


Honestly doing magick and feeling the power helps me with my depression because it makes me feel as if I have a purpose, I haven’t been at this long but I have definitely noticed changes in my physical self and my mental health, I feel like the power we can gain is definitely a way to feel better


Meditation is definitely a go to I think as it is a way to calm your body and your mind while you enter a trance state.


It deals with itself. It serves as a distraction from depression, and an anchoring, just like religion, politics, art, music, literature, alcohol, drugs and sex does. The more distractions and anchorings you have the easy it is to deal with depression. The real problem is when you arrive at depression through logical process and you are faced with the option of living in ignorant semi-bliss (limiting consciousness) or self-aware torment; that is to say, do you choose to live in the light of falsehoods or the darkness of truth?


…ummm…look don’t take this the wrong way cause Iv had a few drinks but the last part of that paragraph came across as very lovecraftian and I’m struggling to comprehend the message. Like I said seriously don’t take it the wrong way I’m sure you mean well but my heads a mess at the minute. Peace :black_heart:

Its hard but you just have to just forget about it and think of other things.

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Do you live a semi-comfortable lie or suffer the truth? It is rather simple.

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In my case the lie and the truth go hand in hand.

I get what you’re saying now though.

Damiana in whatever form is great. I didn’t use it for depression but it does improve mood if you take it in higher quantities then recommended. I used the alcoholic elixir but tablets also work.



If your totally present, you won’t feel depress. your mind can do only one thing at a time. That means intense focus concentration being congruent with mind/body/spirit. If your depress then your not doing your magick. your doing depression.

YOu just gotta do what you gotta do. stop depressing. It’s a verb by the way. It’s an act of depressing. Instead of moping and doing whatever thoughts you have that makes you feel depress. You do other thoughts that make you feel other emotions. Break your habit of depressing. It’s not something done to you. Your doing it yourself by running bad memories or mind process.

I would recommend self love and healing spells. I work with my spirits for guidance when I’m upset about an issue.


Seriously, Wisepup, fuck off. :joy:

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Can you recommend a healing spell/type? Like a jar maybe?

Where can I get this from? I’m totally open to trying anything that may help.

Try working with solar entities. Add some solar plexus energy work. I did both and paired it with an Enochian method of raising energy (kinnda like the middle pillar). Hope that helps.

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Depression is from some energetic disharmony or neurotransmitter imbalance , maybe try dopamine detoxing , less sugar , workout for seretonin boost , meditate on fixing your brain

Most types of magick are okay. It depends on how emotionally and mentally stable you are when it comes to the specifics. People say this a lot and throw this around but generally I think you should be careful when depressed and refrain from hexing and darker arts because being at a lower vibration aka depression can leave you more vulnerable to lower level entities. Hexes can get messy and you need to ‘clean up’ properly afterwards especially any lingering energy.

If you are struggling to take care of yourself or get out of bed in the morning because of depression or any mental illness it can be a lot to handle when you didn’t clear up energetically properly and now you have to deal with parasites in your home and potentially poltergeists… on top of everything.