Depression and feeling lost ( please help )

For the past week I have just had horrible depression loneliness and just a feeling of being lost with no desire for anymore self improvement, I feel completely burnt out in life, don’t care for conventional conversation, don’t feel alive, rarely feeling happiness, etc. I don’t know what to do anymore so what are some things magick related I can try. I have tried visualization affirmations, writing stuff out for over a year to no major avail please help


You have to change your habits, they are responsible for shaping your personality. Everything from thinking to talking to doing is responsible for how you feel and it all starts with your thoughts. It must be a conscious effort on your part. If your glass of water is overflowing with dirty water your responsibility is to add clear water even if it is drop by drop. Eventually that glass will be clear. Also your current life situation might be affecting the way you feel, you must somehow resolve that. Either change your situation or somehow learn to manage it. Do do some magick for both, for your personal growth and development and for your situation. Pick a method and start your magick.


Hey, I know what you talk about, it is rough, and there is no instant fix.
@Etidor may be right, but it may be lost on him how powerless depression will make you if you let it progress far enough.
Half my life have been a gradual decline from feeling down to outright suicidal thoughts and hopelessness.

I know how cold it can be, so my tip would be getting help, get some pills, perhaps some therapy, because never underestimate the power of depression.

Take a break from the world, if you can, just sleep and relax, try figure out if there is anything you can do to feel better.

If you need to talk to feel less lonely, feel free to PM me.


I know it’s just hard to get motivated out of ruts and with depression. I just have little desire to do certain things like go out, work a job I don’t like. Maybe my vibration is in the gutter? I do consume a lot of sugar and caffeine Which I am trying to fast from. A lot of my sadness come from recurring subconscious thoughts about loneliness and never having a relationship, no matter how hard you try just opening social media and seeing everyone doing fun stuff makes me pretty sad


Something interesting you can try is hyperventilation. Sit down and breath fast, more breath in than out, just as you do when you run. This will exchange the build up of carbon dioxide in your body for oxygen. after 4 minutes of hyperventilating breath out 50% and hold. Listen and experience the silence, this will give you an idea of how you should feel. After a long time of depression one might feel that there is no other way to feel, which is false. Don’t ever forget that you can feel different than what you feel now and you can do it by your own effort. Eating products made of flour will also put you into a state of fogy consciousness, you are awake but so low on energy your awake state feels like sleep. Another thing to keep in mind is that chronic depression takes away focus from the brain on keeping memories. Depressed people tend to go through their lives without keeping memories of events and feeling they don´t live life but only surive life.

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Regarding the last part I am completely aware this is a life I do not feel alive in and do not want. I have a lot of things I want to create in my reality one day which I have written out and i am young, I do not intend on going on much longer in this zombie state of consciousness. The flour tip was also informative I agree with that, I am trying to only eat red meats and fruits mainly and rid my diet of too much caffeine and processed foods I think I have messsed up adrenals too I can never sleep always paranoid but thanks for the tips I will try them

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This is easy. You need a cause. Maybe you can try to help homeless kitten. The kitten can help you in magic. To feel things which you can’t.

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I do have a big dream and a purpose it just is not going well at all , and for some people such as myself doing stiff like that would just not give me satisfaction

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People are not as happy as they portray, especially on social media. I know what depression is, I ruined my life by not listening to sound advice and getting into a relationship that was bound for a catastrophe. I have no other choice than to fill my cup drop by drop with clear water. I have magick to help me with that but most importantly I know I can change my circumstances by my own effort, the magick will just speed things up and ease the effort.


I know this as well but then I am sure from no matter what perspective you look at they have a better life than me, but the frame of mind I have just come up with is that I don’t have anything going for me right now so I have no attachments and can create the life I want

Regarding diet. If you wait before a meal for about, or at least,16 hours your body will boost its production of hormones, some of which it will produce up to 2000 % more, like the growth hormone for example. Do some reading on intermittent fasting.


I have considered it a lot and tried it , gonna try it again I feel way more clearer but like a zombie in the gym

You have to stop checking the social media and take it serious. The problem that lot of things there are nothing more just dirty lies, or even if they are not, it isn’t matter because you have to keep your focus on your life. You got no any bussiness with those people, but enough with your own.

The relationship crisis can be a very devilish circle, because the more you try to get a good person, your chances to suffer again and again will be more higher. In my opinion, no matter if you have a relationship, because your problems are always coming from you, and with finding ‘peace’, or keeping your mind ‘busy’ (technically, with an another person - which state can’t be 100% eternal), your real problems will be still behind the veil, and will hit you again.

First, you should really find out the root of the depression, which is always connected to you and coming from you. With ignoring the outside world, you can give yourself that care, attention what you need, because clearly you need it, and searching for care from others is the worst thing what you can do with yourself.

  • Meditate (Heart chakra or ‘Empty’ meditation), because you need the silence to find answers, and cleanse your mind from your negative toughts (because they are toughs, which generates negative emotions and so on).

  • Find things in your everyday life what interests you and in the same time, it can give you positive experiences, little successes (because a healthy mind will help to keep or make your body healthy, and you need both of them to be happy).

You can listen musics, what can help you to raise above, because music has power (you give them power, in real), and imagine - it can be a very important part in your development, because it’ll help you in several way to develop your senses and train your mind, imagination (and with this, you can heal yourself and learn how to use it in this way / bevare: using in a wrong way the power of music can be destructive as well - motivate yourself!).

Workouts - Are also can help you to fight against depression (and nervousness, stress etc.) physically and mentally, and with changeing your menu (or finding new type of healthy foods, rich in vitamins), your body also will change in a positive way (which will also affect on your mind).

they have a better life than me

“Better” - I’ve always asked myself if a person have enough time to post about her/his every moment, isn’t she/he enough busy with ENJOYING what she actually do? :thinking: Looks like they are not.

Lot of people get stressed immediately when they are getting negative comments - it clearly shows that they aren’t that happy how they wanted to seem, and this ‘snowflake’ phenomena is also a sign of being unhappy and emotionally weak (combined low self-esteem) because they need the positive comments and the illusion of a positive image about themselves.
What kind of ‘happy’ being with ‘better life’ would need other’s positive opinion?

But even if you think their life is better (ask yourself - why and with what?), your won’t change if you didn’t try to change your own. Let go that you need a life what other’s live, because it is a lie, and because you aren’t X and Y person, but YOU, and you have to find your own way how you can be happy.

Being happy isn’t = with being millionarie, having a brainless modell girlfriend, and owning a lot of cars.
It is nothing more just an image of a dieing race’s last era. Being yourself, and build your own happniess! Above their false image!



That’s some really good advise.
I can tell, you truly know how it feels.
You’re a very caring soul.


I know the illusion of desire and stuff that those are just to fill our egos usually, but those indulging in those illusions is better than being bored right? I use my Imagination a lot , probably too much that I am disillusioned and listen to music for hours as well. Meditation I do need to work because I do it 2-3 times a month but want to consistently and fitness is my biggest hobby having been going 6 days a week for 2 1/2 years . Ty for the tips

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Can you PM me what’s going on or elaborate what huge shift, ending caused this depression to escalate? I had a dark depression hit me, but it was actually a warning that quite. literally saved my life from Abaddon. I’ll help you if I can.

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Depression is like a black pit full of tar. The tar is nothing but an illusion. You can always come out of the mires of that pit. You CAN because you got yourself in it, you can get yourself out of it. It is matter of will. I have had serious terrible depression all of my life especially as an adult with a child. Its hard to even motivate yourself, I know but you must find the will and strength to get yourself out of the black mud.

Good luck!

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If you have a goal and it is not going well, I highly recommend taking magical steps towards achieving your goal.


Probably that’s part of the problem if not the main reason. When you try too hard to re-program your mind, you may create subconscious resistance that could take many forms, including depression. Your mind is basically trying to tell you… the information your feeding me is wrong.

I suggest you try this instead :


Magick isn’t always the answer. You may need to seek professional help. Talk to a dr. I know it’s hard to accept, I went through the acceptance of my MDD with denial that I needed professional help. Magick wasn’t helping and even though the spirits I talk to keep me company, they’re not a cure all. They’re great friends, but can’t help with my MDD.