Depression and Disconnection

Is there a spiritual side to depression? Like a disconnection from source? Energy blockage maybe?


The are many parts/links to depression, emotional, environmental, spiritual and physical.
To say it’s just because of a disconnection from the source is intriguing,
I would question what you do you see as the source?

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I have struggled with depression since I was 7 years old ( I am now 37). Depression is caused by a disconnection with yourself, and your center of power. In psychology one acknowledges that the cause of all depression is suppressed and unexpressed anger. Anger is more useful then despair, get in touch with your anger and you will be able to start taking your life back under your control, and the depression will begin to fade. Lucifer will help you to see your true potential, and Asmodeus can help you get in touch with your anger and your will to conquer circumstance.

@Otherion I generally agree with your opinion, but as a person who has been studying some psychology books, I feel like suppressed anger isn’t really a valid cause for depression. Or at least not the only one. This is a clinical condition we’re talking about, and it would be wrong to try to explain it the way Dr. Phil does.
I am not trying to pass as a know-it-all , but yeah… It derives from mixed negative feelings and not just anger. Heavy and chronical pressure put on a person can lead to depression. A traumatic experience, the death of a loved one can also lead to it.

But ,yes, I do agree with everything else.

I am merely speaking from the viewpoint of someone whose life was ruined by depression, and someone who managed to conquer their depression by examining the deepest aspects of himself and others afflicted with this terrible condition. Also, Dr. Phil is full of shit. When one examines depression through the lens of what is USEFUL and EFFECTIVE, and fixes the core of the issue instead of dealing with the symptoms, I feel that you will come to see that I am right.

Not convinced,but it’s ok. Not everyone can have the same opinion. I enjoyed hearing you out though.

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