Guys last time I was giving a thread about the fact that I feel out of the real world, that I feel out of this reality, and disoriented, I dealt with it and looked for articles and solutions to what happened to me.
I think that after the search, I finally found what this nonsense sugestive state can be and most of all it look that Its depersonalization
Do you have any experiences with that?

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I had a similar experience.
It was a time when I was doing a deep spiritual search, reading many books, studying and obsessing with the idea of getting as much knowledge as possible. I was detached from reality. I was never one with so many friends, but I was completely isolated from the rest of the world.
Some nights I didn’t even sleep. I had to keep reading.
There was only me and the occult. I got to a point where I didn’t recognize myself or my surroundings, everything was foreign to me.
I decided to stop reading, to lie down on the couch and relax. I started watching series/watching videos on YouTube, taking a break. Gradually I reconnected with reality and found my balance.

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For me it feels like being in another dimension.

What helped was that I realize that it Is produced this(untrue feeling) from our subconscious mind it Is big false sugestion our subconscious is verry powerfull machine Its only sugestion

You must always be master of your mind. If you show her you’re weak, she’ll subdue you.
Thoughts are like swords, if you let her pierce you, you will bleed to death.
If you stop the swords from hurting you, you will survive and become stronger.

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A lot. I actually went to therapy for it for a short while. My therapist told me it is a method for you to deal with stress, putting up a psychological barrier around you to feel further from the stress.

Just learn not to worry about it. So maybe life is all fake or its all a movie… does that really mean something is wrong or I should change my behavior? Take it as a blessing, its never really went away and its been a huge service for me magickally.


stop searching for pieces of what’s going on with you. Just get the book that i suggested in the other thread. Go for the solution instead of theory pieces here and there. Your very inefficient trap in this thinking behavior loop. I told you where the answer lies. so hop to it. STop analyzing and do what people tell you. Especially those that know what they saying.
answer is not in internet searches.
No more help suggestion from me. I already gave you answers. If you don’t listen and follow , that’s your choice to stay stuck. I guess it’s true when they say free advice don’t do nothing cuz people don’t listen when it’s free.

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Yes, I can’t give medical advice but for magickal unwanted experiences like this, find old fiction books you know well that don;t have any magickal or fantasy elements, read those, or watch old movies where you know the plot.

Creating a safe fake reality inside your mind, with a known piece of fiction that your mind is familiar with, can effectively help recreate the shell of this reality when you are feeling at odds with what’s real and your own general existence, and why things are as they are.


Brilliantly chaotic

I deal with this to, from anxiety/stress which is chronic for me.

Makes everything feel/look dream like to me. Mentally very weird, it was uncomfortable but I’m more used to it. Plus been managing my stress better.