Denning & Phillips "Planetary Magic"

Recommended to me as a good path working system for a novice to lay down a strong foundation. Looking for thoughts, comments, critiques, etc., from any here who have read and/or used it. I admit I’ve had an interest in planetary magic, so it seems I’ve maybe been lead to this book?

Its good . But this is much more straightforward and practical. Rufus opus’ Seven spheres beats em all IMHO

OK, so I’ve read through this book, and it wasn’t quite what I was hoping it would be. That doesn’t mean it wasn’t useful, it was. I was simply hoping there would be some practical direction it. There really isn’t. Everything in this book is geared towards contacting and attuning with the planetary spheres. I was hoping there would be some “how to” type stuff for creating rituals to work some practical magick.

That being said, I have no real foundation, and I need one. Sooo, I am going to start working through this book. It’s time for me to stop putting the cart before the horse, time to stop grasping around in the dark, and time to start a disciplined approach. I think it will be good for me.

Chef id be very interested to know how you get along with the book. Please keep me/us informed.