Hi was wondering if anyone Knew of a specific Demon that is the aspect of courage , strength , self , the I am presence…or is useful for invoking these energies within the self? A reflection of these energies? Thank you.

Courage, strength, self?

That would be them all.

Literally all of them represent courage and strength to succeed in whatever specialty skills they possess. They are all about training the magician to be courageous and strong in any endeavor.

Just depends on what you need courage and strength for? Now that will help us narrow down the list as there are demons who represent physical strength, others who teach emotional strength, and so on.

Yes I thank you for your response , I have known this and not sure if I know how to word my question correctly…Im seeking more of an over all blanket entity , Angel, Demon, etc…who represents the over all energy of Faith and courage…ummm Folly? Not so much strength I suppose. That represent the detachment perhaps? Its kind of tricky. Thank you RavensAsce

You might try looking into Naberius. Unfortunately there is no ONE demon that specializes in all skills. Now don’t get me wrong, they are all capable of doing anything but just like us humans, they have their “hobbies” and skills and choose what they like. The closest demon I can think of that may suit your needs is Naberius.

He can teach honor, pride, and dignity which goes hand in hand with courage. As for faith, I have no clue. But folly, he can also help with that.

Now if you are just looking for a good demon to whip your ass into gear, if you are stubborn or feel that you lack abilities and want someone to “push” you, I would suggest Belial but only if you are willing to be serious and do as he teaches. He has a good personality but can be strict on you when it comes to teaching and learning. He hates slackers.


Same thoughts here, I don’t know Naberius but Belial would probably help, but, be ready for someone who really does expect a high level of commitment!

Looking for more general working entity/being?
My suggestion is to look for a higher-in-authority one. You can get info, for example, in EA’s “Kingdoms of Flame”. You can look for beings in such that have wider authorities ruling over more specific ruling beings under them. Find what suits your needs. goodluck!

Thanks all this helps a lot, I do have “Kingdoms of Flame” I will look into this , Thanks again everyone! It isnt for personal development its for a project Im working on…It is more for a symbolic representation. Thanks again.