And if… Demons are not spiritual beings but extraterrestrial beings?
Serpents could mean ‘reptilians’…
I was reading something about this on the net…


@Vovin What does it matter? They are here to help us, and in all honesty they are far more than just what would normally be considered “aliens”. They have real magickal power. They are more than just physical.

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I often wonder about this. Whether demons and angels are an alien intelligence (think the greys) or spiritual intelligences that come from the Void or the All they still don’t necessarily live on the planet. I personally think it would be easy to confuse one for the other no matter what they are. And, as was stated, I don’t know if it would matter either way.

It makes the brain tickle to think of the possibilities.

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My general position on matters like this is stop speculating and ask a Demon.