Demons to help increase greatly will power?


As i understood Fire elements are best to help one with very low will power and one who cannot reach to any goal, or even at some extents to start working for a certain goal. What are the best fire elelemnts for this? And in astrological terms are they compatible with someone who is zodiac sign water?


Yeah its fine if your water based and work with fire elementals but it can be uncomfortable as it’s our opposite. So start with the firey or hot in water which is scorpio, then progress to fire aries and fire leo. Saggitarius can be a bit too agressive for water so i would avoid personally.


What if your birth sign is Sagittarius? Which fire element would you start with? (Sorry to jump in! :wink: )


Well since you already fire it probably easier for you to connect with the other signs so i suggest sag, aries then last leo, as both sag and leo might clash over there pride.


Pf please, we don’t have pride issues :rofl::joy: Nah we totally do :laughing:

~All Leos of the planet~


Being that I’m a Taurus I believe I cover land, air, water, and fire please correct me if I’m wrong. Thanks.


I find Leo pride easier to handle than sag. Leo will eventually make it right lol Sag will ignore it completely lol.


Taurus is earth gets on well with most signs but has a preference for more stable signs so thats earth and water.


Exactly, that’s why I cannot work with Sag in any kind of relationship. I wonder why they say Leo and Sag are a good match, Leos hold justice very high :woman_shrugging:


It’s not all sag’s but when dominated in there chart with to much fire they are too hot headed and don’t watch there mouths lol.


On another note, wouldn’t help the OP to invoke the fire element straight up instead of working with the sign’s elements? As I have a lot of fire in my chart, I had no issue invoking the water element.


perhaps your chart is more balanced between the other left over elements. for example my strongest is water but i have equal earth and air and my weakest is fire. which i why i stated to start with our own hottest sign first before moving on to the other fire signs. For water signs it can be difficult at first because were used to our own overpowering waves, rather than the burning of flames. different approches to passion lol


Yes you’re right, it is actually balanced… Fire is dominant, air and earth are equal and water doesn’t fall much behind.


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