Demons to drive away people interested in the girl I want

So im in the middle of getting a girl, but there are others interested in her and I have to make sure they don’t try to take her from me. Any suggestions of any demons of the goetia I can work with

It seems like she may be considering other people

Kinda make them lose interest in the girl. I don’t know who they are but she talks about them

Go watch E.A.'s video I’ll link. I hope this is the right one. He discusses different demons and what they’re good at. He lists 3 specifically for manipulation, one of whom I’ve worked with is King Paimon.

If the only way you can get her is by “killing off” all the competition, then she’ll never be yours, dude. There will always be someoone else coming down the sidewalk. That would get exhausting. I’d suggest working on you. You can do a honey jar or some love spell on her, but work on making you the best man for the job. So to speak. If she won’t pick you out a crowded room then she’s not the right one for you and will be gone soon anyway. After a hard damaging relationship. That is just a woman’s two cents. Take it for what its worth. If i gotta chase and follow and watch a guy and act like a jailer, detective, and mom, then she (whoever she is) can HAVE him because he ain’t mine anyway. Does that make sense?


Just wanna back you on that. I have been down that road (actually was my road to the darker aspects of myself) quite recently due to a girl I had to control all aspects , whether another guy, who’s she texting, and didn’t focus on myself. Sallos taught be that, and to not chase just work on yourself, and she will come! And also some girls arnt the right one. But, I’d recommend Sallos and just petition if she is the one and to help you see and grow from the answer! My two cents


I’m in agreement with @nikki and @Dante_Osiris on this. Are you REALLY interested in someone who might be interested in other people? Likely you’re interested in the IDEA of her. It might not be what you want to hear considering we do magick in order to get what we want. But part of that magick is being the best possible version of ourselves, and I think that’s overlooked all too often. I’d work on your self and what comes after will feel right and be right for you. Otherwise you’re going to put yourself through unnecessary torment and halt yourself. Find someone on the same page as you. :ok_hand:


Personally I took the advice of a user to another one on a different occult forum: reading ( / watching YT videos) about alpha males and other topics.
My “magical approach” is the same with all the known and targeted women… For starters, some income wouldn’t be bad; and then, maybe I should go out more, and sometimes I did so but without any interesting encounter. Oh well, the aforesaid study is a foundation anyway, I suppose.

I suggest working out and getting ripped no lie. Get some new clothes too.

3 months is all it will take to start seeing results.

I’m weak again but already started doing pushups and situps again to get it all going again.

Lots of protein.

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Yeah that’s good advice lol I’m doing that :))