Demons their Story and the Battle

I’ve found this man and this interesting story found him accidently and a little coincidense as I ordered the Black Magic of Ahriman wanted to know if this is the right story because This world does have a story, and something interesting about the Nephilim you can summon human spirits aren’t some demons Nephilim spirits and other similar creatures
#In second video he is angry he explains in the first video what he thinks of Lucifer and the rest I just needed to state this because first time I saw him I felt offended.

Please leave your comments ^-^

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From what I have heard the nephlim are hybrids of fallen Angel’s, angels, or demons. And humans

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I heard that as well and studied it alot yet I don’t believe it there is something else I think to this acording to the history They all died of and there are alot of skeletons pics on the web since they were powerfull in flesh the must be more powerful in spirit as well when called now when they are dead

Well some did survive but they may be hiddi g from the world due to the fact that when “Noah’s” flood came around it was considered their greatest defeat

Also this guy explained what are the Gatekeepers I am not saying that it is true because I don’t know but magicians might ask them

before when I was a christian I studied this stuff for whole days the thing is the story you don’t know which one is right and many survived nowhere does it say it killed them all I know this subject alot even the xtians believe they are still alive they have many channels that talk about us what we do and on and on :smiley: someone even switched reality and changes some sentinces in teir book and a few other weird shit that’s when I started to disbelieve in ““god’s book”” that was some powerfull magic on a world wide level :smiley:

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Agreed however I think that the reason we cant find them is because they left this plane of existence

If your lookin to dig into the Zoroastrian lore ya can find alot of the texts here they provide them online and i think they offer physical copies of some of them.


My opinion? The ginger in the vids is an arrogant little bastard, even worse than me. I would take anything he says with a grain of salt for sure.

Yes, there is an overwhelming amount of possible evidence suggesting the existence of a race of giant humanoids that no longer exists. Everything else is purely unverifiable. Do I think they were the result of aliens or angels breeding with humans? No. It does not work that way, for the same reason that a guy having sex with a horse does not produce a centaur. Even if you are talking about science in the form of genetic engineering or insemination, it would be a product of technology, not the union of two totally different species.

I honestly think it is mostly bullshit that has been ingrained onto our culture by the forceful insertion of JCI. Giants, yes, but literal, physical nephilim that are the product of the union of a woman and an alien? LOL, next I suppose you will want me to believe a woman can be impregnated with the seed of a god without having ever had sex (virgin Mary)…it’s all bullshit, or at least the vast majority is. Zoroastrianism is no exception.


but he did not say anithing about the nephilim did you see the videos ?

I was referring to both parts of the conversation.

I am very familiar with the good Dastur’s videos and feel he is the equal of a fire and brimstone minister. I have no use for it myself. Dogmatic nonsense. He looks at guys like EA and Michael Ford as unenlightened hacks, because his view is obviously objective (sarcasm).

I was talking about this in regards to what I said about the nephilim. It’s a way more enjoyable tangent, because there is at least some chance of proving the ancient giant theory.

I compared it to Zoroastrianism because both belief systems have the same integral dogmatic weaknesses stemming from monotheistic worship. Both are slag to me.

In other words, I would not get too hung upon on or offended by his opinions about the Lucifer or anything else.

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They’re still here.

Then how do you find one?