Demons, Their Shape and Hierarchy

Hi guys, I want to ask why demons’ hierarchy is like that. King, Prince, Duke etc.
Also why there is swords; no pistols, claws or laser guns from what I’ve heard. I said swords, this comes from a case which a woman haunted by a djinn.
First of all i want to mention every unseen in islam is consider as djinn or demon, at least todays huddams says that way. And if there is a haunt, it’s because of djinn or demon which not muslim. The idea of not muslim is absurd i think. But every time they asked to djinn or demon which haunted to someone what their religion is, they get the answer not involved muslim. Usually jewish or christian. Why? Maybe because they believe that way. This huddams have djinn servitors which muslim. This servitors some say they seen the Muhammad and wars for islam, even some says they fought.
This woman goes to a huddam, she tells her problem and procees starts. The huddam said to her, close your eyes and tell me what you see. Woman said, i see a creepy creature sitting his throne, there is servants around him. I need to add that, first woman sees a just creature, not throne. Then huddam talked with creature for leave her. Creature laughed and said look at me now, then throne comes. Like trying to show his rank. Huddam’s servitors couldn’t make anything to him. Then huddam decided to summon a powerful djinn which muslim?. Did the rituals which necessary. He told her again tell what her see now. She said, people whose faces and bodies are covered with white material. Tell them, is there someone named … ,woman said, yes, someone raised his hand. Huddam told her, then it will be end. After a minute woman started shaking fiercely, i see clashing people with swords; severed heads and headless bodies she said. After that she turned normal.
I wanted to share this with you guys for understand the unseen and entities which belong there more. I believe this entities have their consciousness and free will. But always there is possibility that they are our creation. And they have body, a shape which can degradable. This and a lot of cases which i heard approve this. Even i heard that, someone have a haunted home, goes to a master, master bring him to astral with his servitors help. The man sees a black cat in his home and then chokes to death him. Then haunt ends. Even there is cases which like someone pours boiling water on the tree, and an entity comes, tell her, you killed my child and haunt starts.
I hope you share your ideas about these.

Interesting post. Thanks for sharing.

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It’s historical, a type of “worldview” coming out of the grimoires of the middle ages. Feudalism was the major political system in those days. Personally, I don’t believe in this model, but neither do I use the word “demon”, because I don’t subscribe to this particular religious dogma.

There are many many types on discarnate entities, and labeling them all the same, and projecting human values onto them, isn’t very useful or interesting to me.