Demons that reveals a persons dark side and brings it into the light

Specifically is there one that hone’s in on a persons weaknesses or moral deficits and brings them into the public awareness so that it’s plain for all too see? I know that’s kind of specific but I am curious to know if there is one or multiple who can do this.

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Satan, Belial, Baal (especially with weaknesses in leadership), and Asmodeus come to mind. I can see Abbadon and Beelzebub being very effective as well.


I’ve had success with this with awful and toxic coworkers, working with Belial, Earl Raum, Glasya-Labolas, and Flauros.

The work with Belial got (very high) higher-ups demoted, with Raum a shit boss’s nature revealed to their boss (complete with a talking to, a change in attitude, and some bonus physical injuries on the side that required hospitalisation), and a joint GL and Flauros work exposed the data forgery and instigates the downward professional & social spiral of an awful coworker.


King Paimon is also good at revealing the true nature of a person.


Would guess and cthonic entity or demon would be good with shadow work…

Or any psychopomp being

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I would go with Naberius, he can take honors and dignities away from someone and bestow it someone else ( public shaming perhaps)


Andromalius, He can reveal a fraud, liar, cheat or thief and make it public what they’ve done.

Or Raum, he can also destroy dignities and Kay men low.

Hope these suggestions help


I’ll have to do some research on these guys later. I have a plan in mind that somewhat long term so it’s not for anything I’m going do in the near future.

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I didn’t consider that I will have to look into one that later.

Yes several other people from other sites recommend him as well.

I will have to do research on these guys later. It’s not professionally related at all so hopefully that won’t make difference. I’m kind of surprised by the last 3. I didn’t known they could be utilized for such a task.

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All good suggestions. Other people from another site recommend Baal as well. He seems the most promising to me as of now.

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