Demons that help with learning

Hi all!
I’m reading that some demons help with learning. What exactly does that mean? That suddenly you start understanding things better while reading them? You start reading faster? Your brain is suddenly populated with the desired knowledge? Your focus increases?

Just to understand what to ask for…
Thanks a lot

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It can happen in 2 ways

Yes and they’ll help with everything else that is holding you back from learning the topic

The second way is when you can directly communicate with them and you ask your questions regarding specific topics and receive your answers


Thank you J.Williams.
So you can summon a demon just to ask a small question regarding a topic or it could be one that requires a long answer and he could spend time answering?
By reading this forum as well as some magician’s blogs, I see that some say that it’s better to summon demons only “when you really need them”, as if we would be wasting their time. But in case of learning, it’s not a “life or death” situation, it’s more for curiosity for knowledge. Any insight on that?

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Demons have their own unique personalities.
Some are ok if you summon them just for cheat-chat and some are only into serious work so I suggest you repect them and do your research before attempting to evoke an entity.

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