Demons that are the same star sign as you

Is it best to work with the demon thats closest to your star sign

I mean, you can if you want to.

Just because a demon is associated with your star sign, it doesn’t mean they’re going to influence your magic in anyway.


How do you even know that? Is there a list somewhere?

Given star signs have little importance to your actual self it doesn’t really matter.

Ou, it has, but it is more complex that most people think, not only your zodiak sign have meaning i.e. Sun sign, but also Moon sign, Ascendant, etc. Sometimes other planets signs can have more infuence on person that Sun sign.

It has meaning yes but it doesn’t make it necessarily objectively important. It’s importance is more subjective really. Which is why things like retrograde only affects some people or those that believe it will. The zodiac signs and such while fun I find are a bit too generalized.

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Sometimes other planets signs can have more infuence on person that Sun sign.

Ha, true…I have a stellium in Libra. I’m a Virgo (with all of the perfectionism, insanely high standards, and attention to detail that entails), but I have a lot of Libra traits, chief amongst them a need for balance.


But it could however give you some more confidence in your ability to contact the Spirit because you know there is a (however small it might be) connection between the two of you.


That’s basically placebo lol.

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Hah, I’m Virgo too with stellium in it, but my moon is in Libra. Before i was interested in astrology more, i had birth horoscope made by profesional astrologer, and i must tell, that he telled about me things that not much peoples know about me. And he had no opportunity to know it earlier.

I don’t think so. Placebo (as I understand it) means that something that shouldn’t have any effect does have effect simply because you believe it should. In this case, the Spirits ARE assigned to zodiacsigns and therefore they are connected to persons with that zodiac sign, so there IS a link.
Knowing of this link can give you more confidence in your ability to strengthen that connection.

Of course, when you don’t believe the spirits are connected to signs, planets, stones, herbs, scents, seals, etc. you won’t agree with anything I say.
But that is my opinion. lol…

They’re assigned such by other humans, in which case some other less experienced humans will read that humans experience and go “wow they’re connected to me by such and such” and in doing so they placebo themselves into that mentality. Just as someone saying “you should feel this” and you feel it, that’s either placebo or nacebo depending on if it’s a positive or negative feeling.

I mean it doesn’t matter to me, I work with entities regardless of their connection to human importance of signs and planets so it’s not really about agreeing, it’s more about experiencing something without prior bias or frontload given to you by what you read on another person’s writing.


I am absolutely for this. That’s why I can’t understand why some people ask others for there experiences with ‘Demon X’ etc.
But the correspondences are there as a means to ease the connecting. I never said I believe one should blindly follow someone else’s footsteps without thinking about why. And if you do think about correspondences and do understand why a certain Spirit is assigned to a certain sign (etc…) this knowledge is very valuable.
And, to return, I think a good starting point in research is the thing (spirit, sign, etc…) that is closest to you.

I don’t believe they can be. Demons are spirits who originate from and dwell in different dimensions than material beings, so the star systems and especially our Milky way galaxy ones don’t imply on them.

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I would have to agree, probably would be best to study their own realm’s stars/planets/etc which seems like a bit of a wasted effort.

So it is probably the best and at the same time a wasted effort?

Best because it makes more sense for them to work with their own planetary bodies and stars, but a wasted effort because it would most likely take quite a while to map it.

Thank you for the explanation. I disagree with you logic when you state that something

but it is a

because it will

However, I think I made my point and although no one seems to agree I am going to stick with my way.
Have a nice day.

I mean no one is trying to change your mind not sure why you keep trying to make that point as if you’re suppose to agree or disagree lol. I am not looking to change your mind nor do I have the capacity to care to. A conversation is a conversation it goes no where if it’s purely agreeing.


You say that the Spirits have planets etc that relate to them, these are (as you say) not of this (our) world and plane. So they are unknowable to us.
However, you state that you see a way to ‘map’ all of these - although it would take time andd therefor is a wasted effort. I assume (and I am sorry for asssuming, please forgive me…) that you mean you can call on any Spirit whatsoever without any knowledge of any assigned correspondence.
If you are capeable of doing this, you can then also question said Spirit about all of his correspondences (right?) i don’t think it would take that long of a time to do this. But I also can’t see why you would want to know the planets they are connected to (in their dimension).

And I’m not making the point that we should have to agree. lol… I am trying to understand your logic.