Demons telephatic communication and hearing

So I’ve got deeper into demonology and I can get messages via my thoughts.somtimes I can’t know the diffrence between my thoughts and the demon way of telephaticly communicating with me with a voice transfered into thoughts into my mind.
OK now how can you learn the diffrence between your thoughts and his voice? Is there a way? And if possible.plz let me know if anyone managed to make a demon speak like normal tone voice that’s can be heard like we hear other humans.


YES! That’s me, gent.

I assigned the entities a voice, and when something seemed abnormal I gave it that voice.

Interesting conversations and not in TG.

It’s valuable.

Great question Lou, here’s my take. Robert Bruce’s “catch basket” concept resonates with me, in that the mechanism for comms in the crossroads is limited to our takeaway ability. So, look for any thought, memory, etc. in the spacetime of your outgoing correspondence. Remember, all there is to work with, is what you bring to the crossroads, so look in your “catch basket” for the reply. That’s the reason for visual, auditory etc. exercises, to refine your senses for comms. Stay attuned, and separate out the chatter from a comm that has a high fidelity to it. You’ll know it when you get it. Keep at it, and don’t give up. Good luck!

Use a basic yes no divination device, blessed and purified, to ask the demon if you are truly in contact.

I started a thread about this here:


There are some good ideas on there that might give you enough to get started. Good luck.

I hear them always in a normal human tone but with different demons the sound of their voice is different. Sometimes you just have an inner knowing that the communication is coming from them and not made up by you…when you see other signs associated with it too. They use various means to communicate and connect. But the one through which you can understand and know them most is used by them. Don’t doubt the voice inside…with time…you would know for sure that it’s a demon or spirit.

Like with me…in my normal daily life…the connection and telepathic communication just happens…while I am working or going about my day. The only thing to take care of is that it should mess with you or your normal life or make you feel weak or anything negative.

Divination tools can also be used like tarot or oracle cards, runes, crystal ball, automatic writing.

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Please note that in the second last para last line there is an error…what I meant to say is that the only thing to take care about is that it( communication with demons or spirits) should not mess with you or your normal life.