Demons taking interest in me?

I have a feeling some do, but I keep looking into it and I don’t know who wants to work with me. How do I find out who wants to work with me without contacting everyone and just asking “hey my great dude what’s up wanna work with me?” Can anyone help?


Lucifer doesn’t mind working with anyone
He’s an excellent start
And he’s extremely patient so don’t worry
He’s Kind and passionate.

Do you know how to contact a spirit?


This may be of aome interest to you

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I believe so, I’ve tried twice and have achieved desired outcomes but never experienced any signs of the entity being with me

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You gotta build a connection with them.

The more you call on them the stronger their presence will grow.


Don’t feel rushed either take your time.

If these spirits rush you like a fucking hurricane tell them to slow down theirs nothing wrong with telling them you need space.


Hello AlphaC ! My name is Nory and Im very new to magic and evocation.I have tried it in the past but I have a hard time with meditation. You mentioned that Lucifer would be a good first Demon to work with, how do I go about it ? Would you be able to help me with it ? Please !!