Demons/Spirits for learning and understanding Science (Mathematics & Physics)

Hi guys!

I’m a mechanical engineering undergrad student in a high ranking university. I’m thinking about getting help from science demons/spirits of our infinite universe :innocent::smiley:

I’m currently taking a huge amount of heavy courses (Integral calculus, Differential calculus)
Vector mechanics; statics & dynamics
General physics course in preparation of further advanced master studies (probably in aerospace engineering)
Some programming (matlab, python)

Is there anything to help lessen the burden on my shoulders? I have exams in a few months and I really want to pass all these classes because my whole future depends on it. I don’t know what I will do if I drop out of university lol.

I’m a huge fan of physics and mathematics, I really enjoy studying abstract subjects but I would love to have more and stronger mathematical comprehension in order to get higher grades.

My inisights in physics are normal, but I want to grow stronger in this field.

I want to get B’s and A’s :slight_smile:

What are your recommendations?

Thank you for reading!

I’m studying right now :innocent:


  • Thoth
  • Saraswati
  • Uriel
  • Gapp
  • Amy
  • Paimon
  • Vapula
  • Naberius

Dig deep!
However you should note that most of these entities will screen you of some qualities before they take you in as their student - Expecially Saraswati and Uriel

Keep studying with the sole aim of being able to do this on your own. Evoke,Invoke and seek help from them without climbing a hill of a pointed-blunt-dependency which creates a reality of - Without this entity, I don’t think i can have an A -

Seek help from them but let your subconscious soak the fact that you are in no way less than capable in achieving this feat

Lastly, If you have any questions/issues/concerns with Integral and Differential calculus, Fluids and mechanics, Probability, Thermodynamics,Foureir series/analysis.
Just send me a PM and i will try to help in any way i can.

I believe you won’t have any issues with that or any other subject if you work with Thoth. He will help you get a lot stronger in Mathematics and Physics



Thank you very much for the information!

I will keep studying, I know I have to do this on my own. It would be awesome to have a mighty Demon to help me whenever I get stuck somewhere. If this happens i’ll ask help and continue studying :smiley:

Soo… how do you evoke demon spirits? Do you have to get ritual items? Offerings? How do I do this?
Also how would I know if it is the actual Demon talking to me when he arises? I’m capable of sensing energies but I wouldn’t know if it is my Queen Succubus or other spirits that I have as companions…


That would take a book to answer, you could buy the book Evoking Eternity, $27 e-book on here, or watch the links in the welcome PM I sent you, lots of great stuff there. :+1:

Also that tutorial you have will help at every stage to develop your senses, and you can meet with spirits in those realms once you’ve mastered the basics.


Demon-A-Day: Furcas FURCAS -- Knight Color: Black Incense: Myrrh Metal: Lead Planet: Saturn Element: Air (Under Goap) Demonic Enn: Secore on ca Furcas remie Date (Connolly): Aug 2-11 (Night Time) Date...

I haven’t got around to this one.

first one did not provide the full link for some reason

  1. Furcas

Read everything you can on this forum.
The answers you seek aren’t far away from you

The tutorial Lady Eva sent you will really help you a great deal
Don’t let the thought - Is this actually real or just my imagination? - get in your mind. Just do it, You will eventually begin to see results.

You need to develop your Astral senses.

For now, Listen to your intuition. You will feel when “things aren’t right”

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