Demons speaking to me

For a long time, I have felt as if Lucifer has been speaking to me directly.

It started in about 2010 after a few years of in depth studies of spirituality and the discovery of Satanism. I considered myself a Satanist for a time, but that was very short-lived, as I began to feel strongly compelled towards Lucifer.

I felt as if he was watching over me, guiding me, and basically empowering me with his divine light.

In the most recent communication I had with him, which as always, comes to me in words as appearing to be my own thoughts, I wanted to know basically if I’ve just been talking to myself, and his suggestion was basically to share this experience to determine if it is a frequent occurrence that one feels compelled toward any specific entity.

With this said, Zagan seems to have been speaking to me recently as well.

I’ve been getting messages like “I await within your formless keep to establish your empire upon this Earth, I will be with you”

These messages always feel like I’m talking to myself in my head. I know I’m not crazy, as nor I or my family has a history of mental illness. I don’t hear “voices” or any of the like - these messages come to my in my own thoughts, albeit with a slightly different feel to it than it would be if it were my own thinking

Any thoughts on this?

Sorry if this is in the wrong section, I thought this might be the most appropriate section to post this in.

Many times what we hear dressed up as the voices of spirits is the backdrop of our own mind. Mental masturbation. the paradox lies in the fact that indulging in these periods of over active imagination is the only way to facilitate the necessary senses to communicate directly with spirits.
Yes, more than likely it’s all in your head. much of what we deal with as occultist is our imagination. we are seeking something wholly unnatural to this world through the cracks of reality with the only real tools we have to perceive those chasms is our subjective universe, so naturally we are going to wander off the path more than we like to admit.
My advice: set up some forms of divination that would allow for verification, and easy way to do this is to learn a method of asking yes no questions with tarot, hell you can even coin toss. a way to get more direct less binary answers(outside of tarot or runes) is methods such as stichomancy and I ching. with a good library(or stichomancy site) you can answer just about any question, with or without an evocation.
as far as what he is telling you just roll with it. a lot of it will be your imagination(unless you’re one of those gifted people whose mind doesn’t go off on tangents), but his words, ideas, and plans will slip through the glossolalia that is your thoughts. just be sure to verify it with divination, and meditation.
all of the is just my opinion, so feel free to completely dismiss it.

I actually have a lot of this also dude, in fact I can hear voices and get messages just by thinking about doing it. I have powerful but undeveloped mediumship, but many times its just my imagination brooding off activity. Well, be it just imagination or actually a spirit delivering a message, the question you have to ask yourself is: is this message/voice important to me? I get alot of agonizing voices in my head whilst in the Umbanda White Table, and they have no use to me at all, but as the goal of the session is to bring some light to spirits in pain, I get their messages to allow them to be heard by those who are there to relief their pain.

If you want to see how useful those messages and voices are to you, play with them a little, allow them to manifest in a controled way, so you can discern on whether or not they have a place in your goals. And yeah! A divination method does wonders, you might try

It’s definitely not mental masturbation. The problem is that when you use this type of channeling for receiving information it is very easy for your sub and unconscious to colour the info. It is also entirely possible for entities to pose as something you attach great value to because you cannot tell the difference (read: Lucifer). I’ve been through what you’re experiencing and trust me, it is a valid method to connect to both the Higher Self as well as any type of entity enlightened enough to understand your energetic configuration, but it holds the challenge of not being able to validate in your usual way. So you’re tasked with learning methods of validation, and until you’ve got that figured out you need to really keep a close watch on what you accept as truth. Good luck, what you’ve chosen is not the easiest method but it is one that skips a shitload of steps in the end.

Wow, thanks guys, the insight provided here is even more tantalizing and useful than I was hoping for.

I will seek out a manner of verification of the messages. It has been answered for me here that I am certainly not the only one to experience this, so I may in fact be on to something, the question is of course, what that could possibly be?!