Demons Patience

Greetings everyone, I have a question regarding to demons and their patience. As you all saw in my first post I’m accustomed to working with lucifer, the baphomet, and satan himself. But my question is if demons are “so thirsty” for our souls, why would they be so patient working with me? It’s like I feel like I’m giving 100% effort and not receiving the same thing in return, but I know all three are capable of giving 100% effort. I’m getting the vibes that I’m not worthy of their time or presence anymore and its depressing. Awhile ago I would call on satan and I will always feel a prescence of something or I’ll experience sleep paralysis, now there aren’t any results. I don’t underestimate demons because I feel that’s disrespectful, but seriously what do I have to do to gain their attention? I’ve tried every method evocations, mantras, prayers, meditation, etc. There were no results recently and its frustrating. Does anyone have any advice regarding this issue?

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Well there’s you’re problem right there - an incorrect assumption. Those generally cause confusion.

Where on earth did you hear that? It sounds like religious propaganda, and utter nonsense to me. Always check your sources, and then make your mind up based on your own experience. If other people’s opinions are not borne out by your experience, you can probably ignore them.

There could be many reasons for this, commonly lust for results where you mess up your own magik, trying too hard, failure to put in enough energy on your end, impatience when it is working and it’s too soon or you’re rushing things.

There are many threads here for people not getting results with tons of advice for many different situations. It can get really specific what you need to do, so take your time, slow down and let the energy come to you.


Yes I do.

See the goal is for us to ascend and become better.

A lot of lessons as well as things we need to do are obvious, even if we aren’t facing them or haven’t realized them yet. The demons will help you but they will not spell every little thing out for you. You need to look at situations and yourself rationally, as well as what the lessons can be. Like this:

They started helping me > they stopped helping me for a reason I don’t know > this has made me feel like this > what does this say about me, what is wrong about my current approach or mentality

If you ask me, I would guess that they helped you at first to show they are interested in helping you. And then they stopped to show you things inside you based on your own reactions (feeling unworthy, fear of abandonment, whatever).

The proper mindset is that you want to ascend into power. They want to help you ascend into power. So you need the correct mindset and attitude and beliefs about yourself. You want to realize your godliness and are willing to make the necessary changes.


A demon’s patience is dependent on the demon, some have little patience, some have a great sum of patience, etc.

Demons arent generally “thirsty” for people’s souls, while some may not mind soul owning contracts it depends on the demon and the reason behind it.


This isn’t a zero sum game.

You can start by not being so desperate for it. There’s a chance that they’re trying to reach you this. Would any God/dess, even if they’re “minor”, beg and plead for someone to like them? Are you not trying to become more like one? Assume the role.

On a nicer note, if this is your path, some other teacher will come along. Teachers/Mentors can come and go , but there will be others that can help you along your path. Perhaps it’s time to reach out to another you find yourself feeling drawn to?


“Hey demon, why you f****ing don’t respond to me? I did so much from my side.”
“Hey God, I’m willing to do all you ask and what do I get in return?”
“I’ve prayed sooo much, why don’t you give me what I’ve asked, why I get no results?”

Do you see anything wrong with this approach?

Well, I do see it personally like this:

They are not obligated to do anything for us. Neither gods, deities, angels, demons or spirits. If they do, they may do so if they’re willing to and on their own terms.

One doesn’t need to express things as clearly as I quoted some examples above, it is enough, to indirectly have some attitude or thinking or thoughts, which may reflect upon this.

Let’s switch positions for one moment and think, if one self is gonna be in company of a room full of ourselves, how would we feel to be respected, appreciated or treated by these ourselves?

We should ask ourselves. Do we show additionally or in general, to what we think we are doing some appreciation for what we’ve gotten so far? Are we thankful and do we express this sometimes, somehow? Are we humble or because we think, we have been doing so much, have we reverted it maybe unconciously? Let’s not forget, the other side has also done things for us, things which we may have not gotten in any way if it were different. So, let’s reconsider, if what we think is “a lot” from our side, if that really is so, without being all egotistical about ourselves or offended by doing so or if someone tells us to do this. After all, introspection on such things is part of the learning and improvement of ourselves.

Also, it is all about our mental state.

Let’s take an example from something I’m very familiar with… let’s assume someone is trying to contact a succubus. But this person is in a rather non-social state right now. Maybe, because of a recent breakup, or maybe because feeling women/men are not good to him/her and having negative emotions because of it, or simply having negative emotions or other anti-social tendencies during the rituals. And that person is trying to call upon and connect with a succubus. If that person receives no response, then it’s not any of the succubae’s fault, but it’s the mental state this person is in, why a contact is not happening or maybe even not possible.

So, does it become clearer, as to what one has to do in such cases?


Move on and work with other demons .