Demons (or else) that give shappeshifting habilities

Everything is in the title, but I would like to talk more particulary about establishing a serious list of Demons related to shappeshifting and particulary to werewolf or any form or shappeshifting that can be use for haunting or actions of banefull magick.
From now, I have thought about Marchosias (Goetia), Labartu (Babylonian), and Lycos/Lycaon (Greek), but as I am just a beginner with this hability, I seek your advices to clarify things about various entities that could be helpfull to bring habilities of shifting in something that can he used for banefull purpouses.

Ose is another Goetia that is said to do transformation, first on the astral level, and then on the physical level. Also, you can attribute entities that are known for alchemical abilities (i.e. transforming Lead into Gold) to be able to do this for you as well. I would reckon that entering pacts with spirits would allow you the ability to delve farther into these entity’s skills