Demons of Magick

I was reading Demons of Magick and I gotta ask, Have anyone here tried the methods of this book for evocation and does it work? I read that u can use sigils of the book by simply printing them out, that is without drawing them, is it true??

Please use the search function. There are many threads about this book and people’s experiences with it.


On it… Thanks btw, I didn’t know

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And yes, you can print out the sigils, or you can just use them within the book. They’re designed by the Gallery of Magick to be used that way.

No worries. This forum is actually over 9 years old - it’s really interesting to go back and read the older stuff. Most of the early people aren’t here any more but the info is still excellent. You get the opposing views you don’t get in books, which in itself is very helpful sometimes.