Demons of magick questions

Hello all
I was wondering if anyone read and evoked a demon using the first and second rituals from demons of magic by Gordon Winterfield. If so how did you do it? I’d appreciate it if someone explained step by step since the book pretty much bounces around and doesn’t give you clear instructions.
Ps i read the book twice i have sorta an idea but I’d like to know more

Hi Barbara

I was looking into buying this book this week as Ive read tons of good reviews and mostly people have found it to give good results.

Its the part about calling on the angels and God to oversee the Demons work “keeping it in check” that worried me but from what ive read the demons dont mind at all.

The book is pretty popular and im sure somebody will come along soon with the advice you need.

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I got the book recently and wrote the ritual on paper.
1.Basically, you do the mini banishing with the archangels at the beginning;
2.Then you look at the black sigil and do the alchemy moments;
3.And then you call the shem angel, lesser angels and the demon.

From here you use one of the 3 methods: petition, connective evocation or full on evocation.
You should write all the steps in a summary so you understand it better.


I think @DarkestKnight would have a good answer for this one.


Thank you! I just wanted a really in depth step by step explanation