Demons of Magick physical evocation

I have a question regarding the book demons of Magick, instead of using a black colored wall is it okay to make the room completely dark when performing a physical evocation (Ritual 3)?

I live in a small apartment with a roommate so I can’t just paint a wall black, I’ve thought about using a black cloth but the room is pretty cramped with furnitures setting up a long black cloth and removing the evidence is pretty hard for me so I tried covering the windows with a blanket and turned off all the lights. The room was pretty dark, there were still some light coming out from the ventilators but I can easily angle myself so that those lights weren’t visible to me. Is this suitable for performing evocation to the physical plane? I’m planning to work with a demon for an extended period of time to get deep insights on my life and my spiritual path so I want to keep this simple so that I can do it any time I get privacy.

Thanks as always :pray:


Still on Ritual One myself :slight_smile: I’d go by the book as much as possible and improvise if need be.


Can you hang something black? Even like a cheap plastic table cloth? I’m not familiar with the system set forth in these books, but I’ve found I love putting a black piece of thick paper behind my setup works really well and I love doing it!

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How long is yours? I can manage a cloth 3ft in height

I put a piece of black paper behind my incense burner. It’s just a square sheet of paper.

Party City has like 2$ table cloths and I’m sure there are other similar places. Why not tape one up for ritual and then take it down?


I thought you need to have something bigger, if a small piece of cloth works I can definitely manage that. Thanks :relaxed:

I mean personal preference. That’s what I sometimes use but definitely not what the book wants.

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The darkness of your working environment and the space left open for the demon are what matter, not so much the exact paraphernalia you may use to achieve this environment.

For what it’s worth, I would focus more on the Evocation Keys than trying to force a visible manifestation. Remember that you are evoking these sensory impressions into the space around you to replicate the environments the demons have given to us. The idea is to train your imagination so that you can easily sense these spaces. I do not suggest trying to picture the demons with this method. For me, they began to appear within my mind within the environment described. The sensory impressions give your mind something to grasp onto while allowing the demon to provide you with the form it may or may not choose to appear in.

Always remember that your ability to see or sense the demon has no bearing on the work you do with that demon. I believe you should be more concerned with what the demons can do for you than with how they may or may not choose to appear to you.

I do not think this point can be emphasized enough. Seeing or simply sensing a demon in the room with you is certainly a riveting experience, but manifesting change through demonic ritual magick is why evocations should be performed. If you want imaginary friends, go play D&D by yourself. If you need demonic power in your real material life, summon demons.


I personally just shut all the lights off and gaze into the darkness

You will see things and it will be an effort to allow yourself to sink further into it more than anything. The difficulty will be your willingness to go in as deeply as needed

Be prepared for one of the strongest scary movie feelings you can’t imagine. It’s amazing when it clicks. You’ll understand


I really hope I get to experience it. Going through some personal stuffs right now but once those get worked out I’m planning to do a 90 day summoning of a demon just like EA did with Lucifer to take my magick to the next level.

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