Demons of Magick need advice on the first ritual

Hi people, So I’m having trouble on the first ritual of Demons of Magick and can’t find any posts on here and nothing on google to help me. My current situation is kinda complicated and I’m using more than one demon to help me with this complicated process. I tried doing the 2nd ritual first with Duke Dantalion but didn’t really feel anything so I’m now gonna try the 1st ritual using Duke Sallos for help on a different part of the problem I’m having. This ritual requires me to translate my desire into a cipher using the present tense which I’m having trouble with. The translated sentence I’m gonna use is,

“(Ex Girlfriends Name) feels such strong love for me that she is trying to reconcile our relationship with determination to enact that love.”

Does this sentence work or would it be better to be modified in anyway? I would like to get answers from people who have had experience and success using the 1st ritual from Demons of Magick. No offense to anyone else I would just like to hear from people who have actually done the ritual I am trying to preform, Thank you.

If you feel its right then go with it. The most important part is the emotions you transfer while doing it. Going from a state of sadness and pain to gratitude and happiness because the demon has already granted your request. Just think like that.

What I have noticed about working with demons is that they do exactly what you tell them to do. It may be instant, may few week but it happens.

However, if she has made up her mind to move on, there is little the demon can do with the method you are using.

You can restructure you intent to you have a “lustful aura” so that you attract other women through social proof that you are hot guy and from there pick her interest with other rituals like “charming”.

Break down your process into sections so that you could work with spirits ( Angels, Demons, Olympic) that will bring to you the results of each sections.

However, you could wait a little to see if the result manifest.