Demons of Magick - Alternative to burning the paper

Hi all, I have been getting help from various demons using the Demons of Magick book from Gallery of Magick, mostly with success. I have only ever used ritual one, and that requires burning the petition towards the end of the session. The Gallery of Magick website says you can tear the paper up and discard if you dont want to burn it, and this is what I have been doing so far. But is this method less effective than actually setting fire to it?

Also, how do you safely burn things at home if you dont have a cauldron, etc? Would a stainless steel cooking pot do?


I mean. It’s 2021, I dont really feel the need for a cauldron…

I use a bread pan, cuz it’s cheap and relatively safe. Will burn surfaces under it if your burning a lot of shit but I’m not. Easy clean as well.

As far as the rest of it goes, I usually only burn stuff if I used blood.


An iron cauldron is used for a reason, iron is a potent element to work with.


Thank you ever so much for the explanation and the photos, Keteriya. :slight_smile: I do have a bread tin quite similar and so I will use that.


I use an ashtray. It’s about the size of my hand. I use tongs or a poker to safely hold the paper at a distance as it burns, dropping the last bits into the ashtray.


I use one of those aluminium mixing bowls for burning seals and such.


I’ve gotten metal bowls from the thrift store.

As they get rather hot, you may want something you can place underneath.

In my case, I have a metal/brass plate (also from thrift store).

Before that, I was using a stainless steel camping cup to burn in.

I’ve also used a stainless steel spoon rest I got from Big Lots, which gets you a good open flame in a small thing, (remember fire safety, don’t have it on or near anything flammable)

(Small burn bowl)

(Large next to small)


That may be, but I don’t personally need iron for any reason in my workings. If you do, kudos’ to you, I don’t personally :slight_smile:

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What they said :slight_smile:
As an extra, you might want to check you’re not in a room with a fire detector. I just unplug mine. It’s such a bummer when you’re mid-ritual and the fire alarms go off, and they can do it with just a few too many candles as well.


:rofl: :rofl: I’ve unplugged them in hotels the last two years…

My apartment has a place for one and doesn’t have the top part, and I know I should be all like dude you legally need to put one in here…

But I’d have it permanently unplugged because I’m an awful cook and then burn shit magically. So I’m like why be a dick over something I won’t actually use lmao. But when I had a house, I did have them appropriately placed- with kids full time and stuff, I worried more than I do by myself. If I burn up alone whatever lmao.


Do wha you gotta do :+1:🥸

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Lol thanks for the reminder because I do have one and I didnt think of that. :slight_smile:

Thank you so much, Arachnos.