Demons of Magick - Advice on formulating request

Hi everyone,

I’m planning to do my first ritual using Demons of Magick, the Petition for results ritual.
I want to work with Bime (Bune) to earn from two online businesses on which I’m focusing on this period.
I’d like to ask for your advice on how to formulate the request (according to the book must use the present tense, not too vague, and possibly not too long albeit is probably more for convenience when using the cipher rather than for ritualistic needs).

I’d like to have a second income from my online business (the aim in the future is to earn enough from that to live well without my full time employment), so I thought to work in steps: aim to earn at least 1000$ per month just from my online business (so not counting my salary), then maybe 3000$, 5000$, etc.

So I’m asking for your advice, from people familiar with the book and that already worked with the system, to check which one of the following is the best one to start with or if I should use something entirely different:

“I am earning at least 1000$ per month from my online businesses”
“I am earning at least 1000$ per month online”

“I have earned 1000$ from my online businesses”
“I have earned 1000$ online”.

The first two imply that it’s a recurrent thing, so this means that after 2-3 months that I see consistent results I can do another ritual to ask for more.

The second two are more immediate, so as soon as I hit that mark (could be in one week, one month, 3 months), I do another ritual asking for more or eventually to start asking for the monthly income if I see that the businesses are growing.

I’m leaning towards the last one, but the book says that if the request is too vague it may not work (like should I specify exactly which businesses?).

What do you think?

Thank you

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I think you should start with what you actually want from the get go…the 5k per month. Breaking up Magick into parts is good, but you haven’t broken it up in a way that confers any real strategy. A good example of breaking up your Magick would be, for example, summoning orobas one day to increase the fame/notoriety of the business, then another day you summoned Raum to take down your competition in the field, then another day you summoned Bune to generate 5k per month. That’s an actual strategy. Asking for 1k, then 3k, then 5k…seems like very redundant steps. Just go directly for what it is you want. And if you want this to provide continual wealth, it would make sense to go with the wording of the first sentence


Hi @Verdo,

Thanks you for your reply, you gave me something to think about.
I understand what you mean about strategy, as I’ve been working on another aspect of my life in a similar way (about relationship for example I worked with a demon to increase the number of people I met, another one to make me be more attractive, another to help me overcome psychological fears and lack of confidence, etc).

In this case I thought to go for progressive earnings because several times (on the forum and on the books from gallery of Magick, maybe even DOM but as I’ve been reading 3-4 of them in the past month not 100% sure on which one) I’ve read to ask for things that are just about of reach.

In this case, I now for sure that some people are earning in the order of tens or even hundred of thousands of dollars per month with my same type of businesses and in some case it happened rather quickly, in the span of few months.
So while I know that’s entirely possible and within the realm of possibilities, asking for 10k per month seemed a bit too much from the beginning, kind of asking to win at the lottery.

While it’s true the one should lead with authority and be sure of his own means and goals while doing a ritual, I also thought that starting with a smaller figure would help me in having some quick result that will also keep feeding my overall sense of being on the right track. The more results I have the more I feel confident in my magical practice.

What do you think about the above?

With the amount of money flowing around nowadays, 5k per month is peanuts. When the authors warned against asking for large sums, they’re talking about trying for stuff like the US Powerball, where people are getting lump sums of hundreds of millions, sometimes over a billion dollars. 5k per month in a multi trillion dollar economy isn’t “just out of reach”…it’s in your pocket. If you’re in need of a potentially quicker result, simply ask valac or gremory for the 1k. They too can give money to you in the form of gifts and coincidence, if you look up their description in the book. These entities are dying to use their abilities on this plane of existence…so give them a bit of a challenge so that they may properly showcase their excellence


Fantastic, thank you @Verdo for sharing your thoughts and the explanation.
Makes sense and I agree now that you made me think about looking at it from that angle.

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No problem. Personally, if I were you, I’d even go directly for the 10k per month…but I’m ambitious like that. It’s just important that you not view them the same way you view a human. Ask a human for 10k/month and they might turn their nose up at you for your greed. Ask a demon like Bune and his response would more likely be, “finally…a REAL opportunity to showcase my power”


Well, 10k was the figure I had in mind and planning to use, at least for now. Once reached that figure I’m sure many new opportunities of investment and business will come out and at that point I will probably need to re-think my strategy or branch out, etc.
But with my current online businesses 10k is a very good goal and I would be perfectly satisfied from here to one year to have reached that goal. After that, the sky is the limit.

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Yeah I hear you. One thing to consider too is that these rituals require some level of emotion in order for them to work. In order to generate that emotion, the result needs to excite you. In many of my rituals for money, I often find myself so happy when it’s time to envision receiving what I asked for, that I end up physically smiling from ear to ear. So the question you have to ask yourself is, imagining which end result will emotionally excite you enough to catapult your intention into the ether …receiving 1k/month or 10k/month?

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You are right, a bigger accomplishment will definitely have a bigger emotion attached to it, which is vital for the operation.

Even if what made it for me, was when you talked about the multi trillion economy and the fact that I could pretty much have 5k in my pocket without making all that fuzz.
Just like worrying that taking a glass of water from the sea could somehow impact the sea itself.

Considering also that most of our economy is virtual and, for example, how we earn money is in large part determined by algorithms (think about how much a website earns if the google algorithm places it in the first page, when doing all their usually daily/monthly ups and downs).
And this is true for most of the online business and sites, like YouTube, Facebook, etc.

So now it just takes a machine somewhere in a warehouse that does zig instead of zag, and your site is in front of millions of people making you earn thousands of dollars each day, potentially changing the course of your life overnight.


Precisely :slight_smile:

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