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So i finally bought the book ‘DoM’ and it seems interesting that i want to try it out. I am still half way through the book, but there is a lot of confusion and questions that are making me feel lost and unsure. Before anyone coming to me saying “use the search function there is a lot of topics on this” well guess what? i did!

One of the things i found that made me feel more lost is a reply on a topic by @DarkestKnight saying its more like a framework than restraining the spirit by using the gods names and angels. but, in the beginning of the book the author states its to restrain the demon to do the work we desire??? so is it restraining or not! I know a lot would say that there is different paths and different traditions and systems that people follow. I am not sure what is the title of my system/tradition that i am following, but what i know is that I work with demons in a friendly working relationship way. I don’t worship them or anyone. i am done worshiping and in terms of religion (if its true then i accept my spot in hell with lucifer) if not then who cares :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t want to command or restrain them… i go by “asking/requesting” their help in a situation and offering something in return, and if they wanted something else and i was able to perceive that desire since my senses are not fully develop yet, i would offer it if possible or depending on how much i want to achieve my desire. So, this book as much as it seems that a lot of people have found success using it, makes me wonder if i should use it, but with the intention of using these god names and angels to generate more power and energy to get the results i am seeking and not to restrain! do you think demons would understand my point of view or would they feel offended.

Furthermore, while i was doing my research i found someone who said they were feeling unwell or lets say uncomfortable while reading the book and making them feel worried. I honestly was surprised cause i felt the same way and in addition to that i actually felt as if there was a spirit next me and sending me thoughts. Note: i am in a pact with king belial currently. So was that him telling me not to use it with him? was it my imagination? or was it my principles in magic saying thats not the kind of approach u said u would follow?

Lastly, i noticed the sigils are done inside a circle and a triangle and they look a bit different than the goetia sigil’s. for instance, belial’s sigil:

it looks different in someway and it made me wonder do i have to draw the whole thing? or can i just use that sigil without the triangle and circle with god names and angels on it? Also if i were to use it as it is… do i have to color it with the same colors or is it all done with black color?

Please tell me what do you think about the book even if you have not used it? and if u did what was ur experience with it? Do you think i should follow it even though i had such feelings? is there a book that follows my approach/system of magic? and if yes, is there some that don’t have that long ritual ceremonies!? or just follow the modern version?

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The sigils in the book are proprietary sigls specifically created by the Gallery of Magick. They are not found anywhere else.

You don’t have to draw it at all. Just use it directly from the book.

Every part of the sigil serves a purpose, and cannot be left out. If you prefer an easier system, try Henry Archer’s The Magick of Angel’s and Demons. He just uses the basic seals of the demons and angels found everywhere.


Thank you for reply, but the thing is i don’t want to work with angels. As someone who left religion working with demons makes me afraid and anxious by thinking from a religious perspective about the consequence of my actions in terms of religion. So, i don’t like to deal with them at all. but, this book makes me want to try at least to use how things are but at the same time i don’t want to upset Belial if he will be offended. Especially when i have a pact with him :slight_smile:

Also, you mention that i don’t have to draw it and i could use it from the book? well i didn’t get further yet in the book so i am not sure how the offering will work! But where do i give the blood offering when i am supposed to if i don’t have an actual sigil on paper to burn afterwards?

I don’t understand how you can possibly have a pact with Belial if you can’t communicate with him. And if you can communicate with him, why not just ask him about it?

1: You don’t give blood. At all. It is never necessary, and is not part of the system in the book. The author explains why when he discusses offerings in the “Ritual Preparation” chapter.

2: If you want a paper copy of the sigil, you can print them out.

You might want to read this as it answers your questions better than we can:


Well, sometimes i could hear or have thought come to my mind. and when i read the pact i kept hearing “are you going to sign?” after that i did for myself a tarot reading and it was yes. asked @C.Wilson to do a reading and it was yes, and there is one before c.wilson that i asked and said yes as well. I am pretty sure he accepted it. however since you mention it, one of the terms of the pact that he is supposed to deliver something to me by or before 24th of may 2020. So, if he doesn’t then i should take it as he didn’t really accept the pact? and stop offering or keeping my end of the bargain right?

If he doesn’t deliver, find out why first, before you break the terms you agreed to. There may be something better in the pipeline, outside forces might be interfering, or Belial might have grander plans for you that you can’t see.


I am glad that i asked because i was planning to break the deal. Oh i am really glad. Your suggestion is a wise one even though he should deliver since a deal is a deal. like why would it be okay for him not keep his end and not me. or why would that be a thing in the first place.

Thank you darkes

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There are always reasons for a demon/angel/god being unable to hold up their end of an agreement, reasons we can’t possibly see, and it is almost never as simple as the spirit just deciding it doesn’t want to fulfil the task. Binding agreements are taken very seriously by spirits, so asking why they were unable to meet the terms is always the best course of action, and then you can decide from there whether to end the pact or not.


Awesome thank you.

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as an update: i just got to the core ritual haven’t read it yet. but as much as i feel there is too much in the book i don’t like. i feel i want to learn and practice it just for the sake of its visualizations because it will help develop my senses even more in addition to meditations. what do yall think?

That might be because Gordon Winterfield doesn’t break down the rituals like Damon Brand does. He makes you ferret out the info, which forced me to really take it on board. I read this book about three times before I attempted ritual one. I had to take a lot of notes and then make sure I had all the notes in order when it was time to go.

There is no time table of when you have to do anything with this book. Find practice in the visualizations and maybe give it a go?

I did my first ever petition to a demon this AM. I petitioned Vine. Everything was fine until I got to the part where you cover the sigil with your petition and show your offering. Well, I have the ebook and I covered the sigil with my petition and my binder, When I was done imagining my offering, the screen started to fade, so I touched the screen and the “page” turned. I touched it again, panicking and the page turned yet again. I was so pissed with myself, because I experimented with covering the sigil so all light was covered a few times before attempting this. It took the wind out of my sails. I am going to try again next week. I am not worried about anything bad happening to me, but I am worried that Vine won’t want to work with me now. Ugh.


Don’t worry, I’m sure Vine understands. Mistakes happen, you will get used to the ritual the more you practice it.

I started using DoM recently after trying other methods first. Let’s see how it goes. I find that the first ritual takes just 25 minutes to complete and it feels like time passes really fast.

Also, regarding the angels “constraining” the demons, I believe Gordon explains that the angels give guidance and power to the demon. Maybe Gordon phrased it like that to make newbies feel safe


My biggest question using this book is that how one write the petition in present tense so that the desired results comes to you without any harm?


taking notes is probably the best thing one can do while reading that book. Makes things so much easier…

The funny thing is… the ritual itself is not that complicated… it just has a bunch a small steps.


It absolutely is not complicated! :rofl:

I have done ritual one twice now and I swear, all of the anxiety I have about petitioning demons is from messing up one of these interstitial steps. I feel like I am too worried about performing the request correctly to “emotionally transmute” my request.


I felt like such a wretch for trying it out that way. My inner demon was screaming at me for using biblical terms and whatever Aramaic words that are there. I felt so hypocritical. I dont do christianity so why was I doing this? I do all of my spell work with no pomp and circumstance bc I know the protection begins with me so why wouldnt my evocations be the same way? And I cant chalk it up to laziness. I love a good ritual but it has to mean something to me mentally not visually. All of the triangle and pentacles…It didnt resonate. I’m not wiccan. I’m a practitioner. A student of the arts. My left hand is strong.

Before I even knew about any of this I always knew something in me was not human. Mischievous child
A clear disregard for free will and rules. I never wanted to wait. I touched everything. I knew there was something in me that wanted freedom. I craved freedom and it took so long for me to be who I am today. Who am I to enslave another? It’s not in me. Let them be free. I feel more comfortable in my room, on my bed, just focused on honing skills while continuing to build my demonology. I am a woman of science and medicine in the mundane world. Persistence and experimentation are my norm. I choose to play trial and error but at the end of the day I’ve found my own way through dissecting all of the information gathered.

I absolutely loved DoM. I love the way it’s set up, I love the rituals, I just love it. I would recommend finishing the book. My advice? If you don’t want to work with angels then this probably isn’t the book for you. I have had excellent results. I also don’t follow the rituals step by step as I feel that’s mundane and robotic. You gotta make the magic personal. Tweak the ritual to your liking. You can always call upon the demons by simply visualizing and meditating on their Sigil, but they are very powerful beings and if they are not constrained there is a chance they will destroy your life (IMO). Not only do the angels in DoM add energy to the ritual but they really do make sure the demon in question doesn’t get too crazy. I hope I helped somewhat.


well i have been calling demons and working with trust me i know… and my life rn is different. from happiness to sadness in 3 months. everything changed in my life.

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I don’t think that’s because you worked with demons without constraining them or it doesn’t actually mean your happiness turned into sadness just because you’ve worked with demons. Life itself has its upside downs…I’ve been through worst and the best in my life. There can be multiple reasons, maybe you didn’t use a proper protection while starting on this path or it can be a tests from them etc.

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Commanding the demons is an important part of this system. They want to teach you to be a leader, and being a leader means having to tell other people what to do. It’s up to you whether you force and bully the demons or treat them with respect, just like with any individual that you meet or work with.

You can think of the angels as the “other side of the coin.” The angel associated with Belial is Chavuel, and so by calling Chavuel to be present when evoking Belial you gain access to the full spectrum of Belial’s power (in this system of Goetia).

Personally, I am of the view that the demons do not need to be constrained and controlled by angels, but I understand that there are people with personalities different from mine who benefit from having their demons reigned in by their angels. Different approaches work best for different people, and you may find that this way of doing it clicks very well for you. There’s no way to know unless you give it a shot. Even though this is no longer my preferred way to work, it did work well for me when I was working this system, and I am glad that I spent some time with the Goetia.

The Core Ritual is also the most underrated part of the book imo.