Demons most likely to physical appear when evoked

So what demons are most likely to appear so you can see them. I’ve heard demons like valac like to appear physically when first called on. Any suggestions on which of the 72 demons like to appear physically


Any demon can be seen if your senses are sufficiently developed.

There is no demon that I know of that is going to spontaneously appear physically in front of you if your astral senses are not open. If your senses are not open, the demon could stand right in front of you and you won’t see anything.


From a few videos I’ve seen they say that some demons will conceal themselves from the magician at first that’s why I ask

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I’ve never heard of that. Don’t believe everything someone says in a Youtube video. Most of the time they are just talking out of their ass or believing what is said in a movie like The Conjuring is true. Very few of them have any real experience with demons of any sort.

Just as you should take the descriptions and powers of the demons in the Goetia with a heavy dose of skepticism, you should do the same with videos. Call the demons your self and find out. Nothing beats first hand experience.


Will a daemon mess with your head? Sure lol more likely by taking a form that might surprise or even be sexually attractive to you just to see how you react but i haven’t heard of them hiding when first summoned. I’ve heard of them not responding if they are displeased with something but otherwise they do seem to like interacting with us and want us to be able to see and communicate with them.

Just practice opening that third eye and if you can’t see them at first, keep trying because they did show up. :wink:


With what I said above, there is a caveat. There are such beings as trickster spirits, and sometimes they might masquerade as demons and play tricks on unprepared magicians.