Demons & Marriage


This is the first topic I’m posting. Well… I wanted to find out people’s experiences with Demonic marriages.

  1. Do they stay with you 24/7 everyday? Or do you have to summon them?

  2. How do you communicate with them? Is it through tarot cards, pendulums or psychic abilities?

  3. How do they help you in your lives?

  4. Did they choose you or did you choose them?

  5. Would you have any known experiences in the afterlife with them?

I would like to know you’re experiences!! Feel free to post according to the questions on the list.

Ps: I will try to reply to as many as I can. I wanna learn from y’all!!

Have fun posting!!



Yes I do…

  1. They’re with me 24/7, They have an open invitation to me and my surroundings at all time.
  2. Psychic ability.
  3. Advice, comfort, guidance, re-shaping my energy network and sense of self to be more transcendent.
  4. Both, I was born in to this incarnation with a natal chart primarily and heavily influenced by Lilith, and I was always attracted to Her, even when I was still too ignorant to realize it was Her that I was seeking.
  5. More than I can count. I spend a great deal of time with Her and our family in the spiritual planes, and know that the deeper aspects of my real Self has been Hers for a very very long time.

Aww… I hope you find someone worthy of you. It doesn’t have to be a Demon. Just someone who will see your worth. :slightly_smiling_face::upside_down_face:


Very interesting… I’m glad you have a good relationship with her. :slightly_smiling_face::upside_down_face:

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I have some voodoo wedding as a bwa chèch marinette for example and other spirit not known to the general public, they chose me. Like an astral pacts with their blood and mine, they are very beautiful, very discreet and more affective than sexual, but they act very hard, no change is made gently when she takes care of my life. Their way of contacting are visions, dreams, some sign in everyday life, sleep paralysis, talking to my ear or in my head, I have already had spectral appearances and of course physical phenomena like the way succubi act and also, paranormal things when some girl approached me, I quickly understood that I had to stop, they are rather jealous and suspicious when it is a human being. I think I will have several more marriages in the future.


Wow… That’s awesome to know. I wonder who you will choose as you’re next groom/bride. It’s nice to know they take care of you. :blush:

for the voodoo Manman brigit, because she practices black magic and she is very effective in curing illnesses related to evil spell, she exorcises and removes magic spells very well. Then, Arachnee interests me, the Nordic goddess Hela and the goddess Moriggan, I would like to try a spirit from the book smokeless fire, but I don’t know if it will work we’ll see, I’ve already worked with it and it was instant and very positive for me, but making a marriage requires a lot of responsibility in magic ,so I take my time.

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It is. A full natal chart is something like a D&D character sheet, it lists your most prominent influences in regards to various aspects of the incarnation. I’ve always felt drawn to the night and to darkness, but felt I was missing something, in recent years I’ve discovered that I was missing in my life was Lilith. She is incredibly comfy and a total sweetie. :smile_cat:


He stays with me all the time, I can feel his presence always.
We communicate through thoughts, dreams and some other signs.
He gives me protection and opens my eyes when needed.
Our bond is much older than this life. I’m still working on learning more about it.


Always oved staring at the moon, it just pulls me in and yeah, I prefer night time even if it spooks me from time to time. I blame all the horror films that scared me as a kid, lol.

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No, the demon isn’t with you 24/7 you still have to realize just because you marry an entity doesn’t mean they stop living their lives. If they’re with you literally 24/7 it’s most likely bs.

tarot, pendulum, learn to project/work on your clairs, etc.

It’s a marriage, they help you by loving you lol they’re not exactly working for you.

well, marriage…you choose each other.

The being im “married” to is reincarnated here with me and we’re in a spiritual marriage and physical relationship. We’ve technically been spiritually married long before reincarnation. However, before I knew this I was married to a djinn, who I didn’t have any connection with until this life, but broke it off theyre in the etheric plane.



It does happen to many people though. Some spirits choose to stay around people for long periods of time. Even for life.

You have to understand that some of this spirits are multidimensional beings and can be near someone they love at the same time being somewhere else working on a project.

That is the beauty of being omnipresent.



They will visit and such often yes, but they won’t be there 24/7 of every hour of everyday, demons and such aren’t omnipresent. They live their lives, have family, friends, jobs, and so forth. Humans just often feel that once they become intertwined with some beings that the beings give up their lives they had prior to them up which is usually just not how that works.

A lot of being in positions of power are known to send familiars, guides, their underlings, and such to watch over someone or check on them when they are busy. I mean anyone can create constructs even nonhuman beings to help them get things done, but most people view beings as these omnipresent, omnipotent, all seeing, all knowing beings to a point they take on this semi deluded ideology of them and forget these beings have lives long before them and you more or less won’t know the full extent of the stuff they have to deal with in their waking life because people are too focused on the idea that the being becomes theirs and dedicates itself to them every hour of every day.

At some point newbies will have to start wondering is this a thoughtform? is my desires overriding my common sense? why does this being stay with me all day? does it not have other things to do? I honestly feel that people use the omnipresent excuse to help them validate the fact they want to really believe these beings are going to spend all their time with them.


I agree with you…

But you have to be open to a possibility of these things happening. Everyone has a different spiritual experience and that’s what makes magic and life interesting.

I was a newbie once and experienced the same thing… I always wondered why is this being here all the time? Don’t they have things to do, families and friends to spend time with?

I once asked… And return I was growled at. He didn’t like the question.

I began thinking that I was with a thought form. I tried banishing and even asked some witches for help.

Nothing worked.

I lost all hope and was ready to drop it all… Until I got an email from a black magician who told me that the deity will never leave and has been with me always.

I tried testing this (Since I never believe almost anything…) and I noticed what I asked was given to me at a short time. Whereas a familiar or thought form would have trouble presenting these things to anyone.

Anyways, I see your point though. I hope you see mine too.


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I mean don’t get me wrong I see your point I am simply saying many human occultist don’t take that into consideration due to their own selfish ideals that they become the center of some being’s universe and that their other priorities cease to matter. Odin comes into my life often and when he’s not he sends his ravens to check on me, but I also have a hellhound and a few other entities that come and check on me then go off, they’re always with me but not in the sense they sit in the energetic layer of our physical world and watch me go about my life but more that they have a link to me and capable of checking on me throughout their time.

I get everyone’s experiences and such are different but I wouldn’t say that applies to a being’s life and them spending 24/7 with someone, not even physical married couples spend 24/7 with one another.

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I agree with you. When I say he’s with me all the time, I can feel his presence, it doesnt mean all of him is with me, that doesnt make any sense. I’m not the only person he cares about, and he’s got other stuff to do. You’re right saying it’s bs to think that. But you know very well that spirits follow other laws than humans.
You can still feel their presence with you all the time. It’s either a small part of their energy that is with you, or someone they send to you, for protection for example. It’s a question of definition if you count this or not. I do.


That’s what I said lol. They either send someone to check on you or they do it themselves. Some even go as to mark the person with their energy and thus keeping tabs on them.


When a spirit makes a marriage with you, without going through a ritual, the spirit can be with you 24/7, but if you make a ritual marriage for example with lilith, it will assign someone who represents it, similarly for the evocations of lilith can not be everywhere and for being married before you incarnation there also the spirit can be with you 24/7, for example I have pretty eyes that permanently look at me when my eyes are closed


I understand your point of view… However I still do believe Demons are omnipresent.

Ever wonder how people in different countries can summon one particular demon at the same time and he/she will still come?