Demons helping you to forget

So I evoked Amon, Dantalion, and Sallos recently. I’m not sure who might have done this or if theres any real correlation but, ever since then i’ve kind of let go of my target. like, let go in the sense that i’m not worried about him coming back or not right now because i’m just over it. i’ve done what needed to be done but its above me at this point, yenno? also, ever since i’ve evoked them, i’ve had dreams about my target and this has never happened before and they’re always positive dreams. i’m just wondering if anyone has experienced this as well? if so, who do you think could have done this for me? i feel like this is a good sign despite not talking to my target for almost a week.

I like to relate this to the progression of achieving your higher self. Humans, by nature, come to grips with things on their own terms–and it’s possible that you may have found some sort of closure and you’ve “gotten over it” for lack of a better phrase.

I’ve not worked with these entities myself, but I started the 72 evocation and it’s definitely changed a LOT of stuff for me. I’m seeing the world a little clearer and “getting over” a lot of negative things that I perpetuated in my life, including people.

Could be the high road. Karma will come to get the target for what it is owed.

For a more relatable example, I had someone who was predatory towards me when I was in high school. They caused a lot of bad things to happen to me (that I kinda brought on myself at the same time but we’ll glance over that). I was hung up on getting “revenge” on this person for years after I graduated. I started working with the entities that I presently work with and over time I just learned to “let go” and felt way better about it. Whether it was me finally getting the closure I needed or them giving some sort of push in the direction that I needed to go is hard to say, but it’s the best example I can give.

If you want a solid answer, I’d ask Amon, Dantalion, or Sallos and see. I don’t know them, but I’m sure they wouldn’t hesitate to tell you if they did something.

Depending on the circumstances, it may be best to continue this lack of communication if they were toxic to you. Though, it isn’t clear to me the nature of your request on this target. I can only assume from the tone and messaging that you don’t really want this person/thing in your life.

I hope you continue to have good fortune!

haha actually i want this target back in my life! but i’ve accepted things for how they are right now. i also trust in divine timing. thank you so much for your insight and for explaining things!

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Ah! I see! Apologies for mis-interpreting the situation. Though, that does slightly change my opinion on the dreams piece. It’s quite possible, depending on the context of those dreams, that your evocation worked and that’s your subconscious self acknowledging that it’s something trying to come into fruition in your universe.

I definitely recommend reaching out to the entities though to check on the progress.

I hope things work out in your favor for sure!

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yeah i will soon! in one of my dreams there were horses with us at some house in the city i grew up in lol! so weird! and doberman pinschers lol so i’ll definitely have to ask them about that as well. i really do hope this is a positive sign because it hasn’t been good with us for a couple of days. but we shall see :two_hearts: divine timing.

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I truly believe, that everyone has a romantic soul mate, and I am convinced that this is somehow arranged by the universe. Astrology for example. I am a Scorpio, with a Leo rising, and everyone’s chart has many different aspects long story short. But fate matched me with someone of an opposite sign, with everything that makes them compatible with me in their natal chart. I’ve seen this happen to too many ppl not to believe it is true. In other words, someone came into your life, and if it is meant to be, they will remain in it. If not, maybe the divine source is guiding you to or drawing the right person to you. I would go with it, if you are able to let go of this person and move on. :grin:

I’m in the exact same situation. I evoked Dantalion for this and since then I’ve been letting go of obsessive thoughts and my sadness regarding the situation, and no longer feel worried. I don’t know what it means but it definitely means something is happening.

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There is a technique called a Mind Wipe, where one can erase the memory. Not sure how to do it, or how much of the mind it affects ( conscious and subconscious )

How’d you manifest your soulmate if you don’t mind me asking

Actually nothing. Relationship that wasn’t going anywhere, ended, and I had time to be alone and work on me. Then after a year and a half, I met the right person. Just happened.