Demons for the job

I have two questions. When working with demons to destroy someone are there aby precautions to take when evoking extra ciolent spirits? I have a good relationship with Paimon. Meaning Ive done 3 evocations with him abd he came through like a champ. Is there a demon that is good at turning everybody that the intended target meets or interacts with against them? I have a person That im dealing with at my job. Theyre trying to get me fired. Ill post with more info on that because I owe that to Paimon. That guy saved my job. Because what I did I really deserved to get fired. At this point U want to see the person thats causing all the bullshit for me get hers. Like watch her go crazy or get beat up. Watch everybody at my job go agaibst her. I would enjoy that very much. In ur opinion, who is the best for this job?

I dont know her last name. Is that a problem when doing evocations? Its a problem when doing spells especially when u dont have a link to them.

Do a risky evocation. that’s what I do. I call upon any spirit that wants to have some “fun”. dosnt always work but when it does its vary interesting. also with spells you don’t nee the full name. a personal storie. my exs boyfriend stood in my way for no reason I didn’t now his name ore anything about him. I did this and boom car accident amputation ect. couldn’t have been more pleased

Sound funny, can you write something more please?

Jaysalome, if the girl is in your job you should get easy her name.

of coarse… prepare your evocation essentials. start your evocation with no entity in mind. Instead call to the darkness and to all who would wish to help. let these spirits know that this is for their amusement for them to have fun with the victim. also make sure you add the fact that it is if they chose to do so. otherwise you may unwillingly initiate a pact with an unknown… its hard for me to explain without writing on and on and on. these are the basics.
make your entent. give your command, add to it the fact that it is out of fun and not necessity, tell to make it so if they wish, then dismiss.
after doing this many times I found that betrayal has come my way less and less by man and spirit alike

If I’m not mistaken Gorka from KoF deals with betrayal.

I’m a dj in a nude club. Last Monday this girl pissed me off so bad that I called her a Fat Bitch in front of customers and everything. All Ladies on the forum I respect women completely but this girl has been trying to get me fired for the past 2 months. I lost my temper. I went home and did an evocation of paimon. Now im at work today like nothing happened. I love being a black Magician. Thank you to Paimon

Sound funny, can you write something more please?

Jaysalome, if the girl is in your job you should get easy her name.[/quote]