Demons for self

Any experience with demons that can teach self-discipline and self.confidence?

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Abaddon is the best self discipline demon I know.


is there a guide for beginners?

King Belial is believed to be an excellent teacher and can instill strength and discipline within the practitioner who request such favor from him

King Paimon might be able to do the same thing but from a different angle since he rules the mind - you mention self-confidence. The mental image one possesses of themselves influences greatly their level of confidence within themselves. King Paimon can definitely assist not only in revealing the truth of of the self also help the practitioner cultivate a healthy relationship with that image if asked to

They also work very well with each other and easy to work with, beginner friendly

If you’re ready to put in the work, no doubt Belial and King Paimon

There may also be other entities who can assist with similar work, all and all, it really comes down to your personal preference

Invest sometimes to investigate these entities, see which one(s) resonate with you and most importantly which one(s) you feel being pulled towards

All the best :four_leaf_clover::metal:

bael is for ,self,