Demons for professional players in games

Hi guys, could you list few demons that could help me improving in Valorant (it’s new game) I am very good, but need some help so I can play tournaments… Like I need spirit to get more skill in this game…

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Maybe one that teaches arts and sciences. Like King Paimon, Dantalion, Lucifer, King Vine and Purson. And maybe even Bael.

If you want to win a tournament, you could also ask the demon to make your opponents mess up/make mistakes.

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Thank you so much! I should maybe try Lucifer or King Paimon for getting some more skill.

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Belial and Mammon


Thank you so much!

U dont’ need help in video games. That’s cheating. lol. The fun part is to improve base on your efforts and actual playing. haha…

If its like professional sports , soccer, basketball, baseball. etc. which require actual skills and tons of variable like coach, teammates , actual time practice, mindset. …etc. i understand. But video games? :roll_eyes: First person shooter games isn’t for me. I get headache. Not all can be the top 10 in the world. I probably get killed easily. haha.

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ohhhh this is a very interesting one, genetic modification and athletic cerebral enhancement, but i have no idea who you can call

If it’s on the computer, Xa’Turing is helpful (not a demon, but a thoughtform).

I mean, I will reach my maximum soon and will not go further so idk what to do haha

U go crazy killing spree. Have a mind of having fun sniping people in that game. lol. Sneak attack. Must have mindset to survive all the other players that is wanting to kill ya in the game. haha.

It’s a mindset thing. Play the game as if you have a million bucks at stake . Then it will increase your mental and focus to play better.