Demons for nasty child custody/divorce situation?

My soon to be ex husband is an abusive gambling addict who did nothing but destroy our family financially, beat and raped me while i was pregnant and turned me into a sex worker for the time being. I was wrecked by a c-section and 2 weeks later, barely walking i was out getting pimped by him so he can just beat me and gamble even more money away.

After all that he has the audacity to demand to take the kid (although he has been gone in another continent for a year and my kid is 2, never even visited her for her birthday/for the holidays) that he never shows interest in/even asks about out of spite since he does not want to separate from me. Also he is refusing to cover childcare or anything else and basically most stuff for the kid so nearly my whole salary currently goes to childcare!!

On top of everything he does not want to get a divorce because he thinks he “owns” me still although i am left stranded here alone struggling with her. He is disgusting and mentally unstable and unsafe for me or the kid. I need to get this divorce going ASAP and ensure as much money as possible for the kid’s sake and make sure to also get as much custody as possible because knowing him he’d try to kidnap her. This isn’t me being dramatic, he is mentally unhinged and hid how insane he was prior to getting me knocked up and marrying me.

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Azazel will resolve this shit and put him in the place. Contact him. He’s a Watcher (neither a Demon nor an Angel), and a very powerful entity. He will not ask for your soul or anything, maybe he/she (Azazel also has a feminine side) will ask for a public praise. You can contact him using the Pathworking of The Watchers from Churaki Ashan or using his seal: