Demons for charm and Charisma

Hello peoples, I was wondering which demons work with charms and charisma. That’s one thing I’ve always wanted to be (more charming and charismatic) at a very young age. I’ve been doing some for some preparations. Hopefully, I can get some guidance from y’all fine people.

Be blessed! :pray:

Already did. The forum is a bit confusing. I am still digging tho.

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Ronove can work and improve your charisma. Best for those who are socially awkward

Dantalion can improve charisma as well but it is used for when you want people to be near you because of your charm


King Belial should do

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People were mad drawn to me while I was working full time with Decarabia.
Someone even said my presence was intriguing. I’m normally very awkward around people so that shocked me.

That was something I didn’t expect, but it was interesting.
Keep reading around, it’ll come to you!


aA person might want to do Energy meditations to increase the power of their aura. A strong, positive aura attracts people.


Is there a Demon who can make me more charismatic to men at my Workplace not to say certain ones? I mean this in Terms of just talking beeing taken in their Arms and/or kissing but not having sexual Encounters realy. Yes I know kissing and embracing can be seen as having Sex but for me it is not realy and I see it as a Beginning.

Im not sure do you need demon for this.

be in solitary with yourself, learn to quiet and control your thoughts and emotions, when you go around people, learn to read them, learn when to talk and when to not, learn to do something little that takes your kinetic concertation of conversations and room situations are happening, like shuffling card deck or have spiritual conversation, learn to be abscent even you are following what is happening, focus on singular conversations, dont start conversations, always tell truth when you speak, even if you would be upright blunt or rude… confirm things they say by looking them straight in the eyes… little things, which makes you seem “darker” or more “extraordinary” than normal beings, more inteligent and focused.

if you want to be slimy playerlike beta fuck, evoke sitri :slight_smile:


I have tried evoking Demons but it did not work for some Reason. It was from a Book from Gordon Winterfield “Demons of Magic” I think it is called. Something I do wrong, maybe I am to greedy or wanting everything at once, I dont know. I can not stop sometimes and doing Things even is it would hurt me in the End. Something in me dictates me to do it.

Any Hints and Tips for this Evokation? And please do not say now to use the Search Function here. I have done that and got nothing out of it. Please PM me for that and I can tell you more.

Just buy candles, focus on opening your actual senses needed for evoking, like astral hearing and astral vision, use mantras to your energy centers, learn some basics of timeless beings, have patience, be honest with your self and your will, get focused…

Ok now you have me completly puzzled. I can not do any astral stuff up to now and opening my actual Senses and Mantras to Energy Centers. So that sounds like realy long time till I get to the Point .