Demons for bountiful harvest and making my crop healthy and abundant

Hey, all. It’s the time of year now to plant my opium poppies. The problem is, up here in these mountains, we have red soil ( high iron ) that has a bunch of clay in the soil ( they don’t like that ). This generally forces me to grow in containers like 5 gallon buckets, which they also don’t like. They will generally sprout and die, sprout and die, with me getting a small amount of pod heads. They’re good stock, pretty strong ( helps a bit with my chronic pain ) and they are beautiful. My question is, I know there are demons that help with agriculture, so who would be good to infuse the essence of into my poppies and maybe bless the poppies with after I drop them in the containers of potting soil ( they hate being crowded/competition, but it’s the only way I know to do it here ), or even try and grow some in this shitty soil we have. Who to call on and how do I get whoever I call to ensure a bountiful harvest/magickally help with making them abundant, healthy, and a good harvest?

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Dunno about demons, but there is an angel of the 72-letter name, Cahetel, who can help with the growing of crops. Haven’t had any personal experience with this entity, I just remember seeing it listed in a grimoire.


Again not experience of the demon but possibly Cimeries based on the angel they correspond with

Possibly… I could be way off but I was looking up Menakel earlier and thought this was a possibility

I think Barbatos would be the corresponding demon for Cahatel who @Veil mentioned so look them up!

Edit: Actually I just double checked and yes in Magick of Angels and Demons they are paired for encouraging the growth of crops as a union of power… I think Barbatos is who you want


You want fertility gods. Most forms of the “devil” are insults to pagan fertility gods… Pan particularly and that’s who I work with for gardening. Eostre, Freya, that sort of thing.

If it helps you, xtians think Pan is a demon, all their “demons” are other people’s old gods, which is why I don’t use the word and just call them entities or spirits - I’m not a xtian.

I started working with Pan after I read about Findhorn, where people grew bountiful gardens co-cratively with Pand the the nature spirits in the harsh climate of Northern Scotland. (Cold, poor soil, windy and salty.) If you read up on the story I think that might have some more pointers as well. The Perelandra gardens are a similar idea.

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Try Verrine and Unsere for nature related workings :clinking_glasses:

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You could give ASARU a try:

(Alternatively you could try Barashakushu who is “the kindest of the fifty and the worker of miracles”)

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I had thought of Baphomet, as he is a pagan fertility god ( and the source of the whole imagery of a goat’s head and feet being associated with Crown Prince Satan ), though I have no idea how to call on Baphomet, Pan, an elemental spirit of Earth, and so on, or how to infuse my poppies with their essences

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Cool, I know how to evoke all of the Goetics and their corresponding angels, so I will try that. Thank you everybody, lots of good suggestions and good people. Anyone have an idea how I infuse my poppies with the essence of a spirit ( I’m also going to try @Mulberry suggestion of fertility gods. And thanks also to @Veil

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I am not sure if @anon47637920 is still active but she(?) has a lovely journal that you might take some inspiration from:

Edit: unfortunately looks like it’s a private thread so you probably won’t be able to access it. :frowning: But if she(?) is still active she might see this summons and be able to give some advice :slight_smile:

Unfortunately I don’t know of Goetic demons that are helpful for agriculture or gardening. Perhaps Stolas (knowledgeable of herbs and plants) or Paimon (teaches secrets of earth). Cain is known in Biblical mythos as the first gardener beside Adam. In the Liber Falxifer mythos, Cain buried Abel and used his blood in order to feed his garden proper nutrients.

Look to demons who know about plants and herbs if you are looking at the goetia. You could also try to bless your lands before planting. Moon in Virgo or Taurus is apparently good for this.

For infusing your plants… Well, you can ask the spirit politely during their evocations. You could pay the demon by way of feeding your poppies something nutritious, also.

You can evoke many entities very similarly, the formula is usually calling their name with a special evocative phrase (such as enns but something as simple as “I call to thee mightie spirit [Name] to appeare before me in good countenance” will work just as well) and usually setting the atmosphere or environment, such as lighting candles or incense. It doesn’t take much for any spirit, demon or not.

Sorry I don’t have any more fruitful advice. Best of luck to you, however.

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Thank you, I’m not a Christian either, but I don’t look down on them unless they are the “hell fire and brimstone” assholes that used to harass our fans ( and us ) when I used to play in bands. You know the old saying : the gods of one era are the demons of the next. As far as “the devil”, i.e. some force of supreme evil, I don’t believe in such a being. I call spirits like the Goetics “demons” because that’s how most people would term them. Given that the origin of the word means “spirit”, I don’t believe it offends the spirits. It’s religion that has made “demon” an ugly word, I attach no negative connotation to it. How do I call on spirits like Pan and Baphomet and infuse my plants with their essence?

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Make, and open the sigil of the spirit. Tell it your intentions/wish then after you burn the sigil mix the ashes into the soil. (Alternatively place the sigil by the plant if it can survive weather and stuff). You could even do this repeatedly as part of a regular offering to said spirit.

If you make offerings of liquid to the spirit in question, dispose of them by pouring them into the plants pot.

You could place the seeds onto the spirits sigil for a time before you plant them asking that they be infused with it’s energy (you could do this with waterings as well I suppose)

Stand some stick incense in the pot as an offering to the spirit.

Thank you for the suggestions. I’m not familiar with these spirits ( unless Unsere is the same spirit as Seer or Uphir ). What kinds of spirits are they ( as in demonic, angelic, elementals/nature spirits, or what? ). I would welcome and appreciate any information on them you ( or anyone ) may be able to provide, as well as their sigils/seals, ruling angels and emissary angels if they are demonic, the evocation rituals with practical instructions, and various pertinent information of all kinds as far as people who have worked with these spirits know of. I have also heard of King Paimon being good for nature workings of certain types, as well as some more Goetic spirits assisting with nature related stuff. I’m also looking for ways to infuse items ( it can be anything, a stone, an article of clothing I wear when in the presence of those I wish to influence, or whatever I want the spirit’s help with, almost like having part of the spirit’s essence with me in the presence of my target(s) as if the spirit is “lending me” the desired powers that I wish to employ in the presence of my targets )

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Are the 9 demonic divinities. Search for Dukante demonic hierarchy. Unsere’s enn is:

Unsere tasa lirach on ca ayar

Verrine’s: Elan Typan Verrine