Demons for a woman that likes to cheat? help

My woman likes to flirt with other Men all the time, I wanna make her stop to do that, I don’t care if the entity will make her like a zombie but I wanna her to be complety loyal to me 100% control her.mind. and emotions what would you suggest? Friends Ps: she must also pay to had hearted my feeling.

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I’d suggest you end the relationship. Once you start venturing into the “he/she must pay for hurting me” territory over some benign crap (flirting is not cheating by the way), your relationship is a goner. End that mess and move the hell on. If what you’re saying is true (and I have my doubts), she has zero respect for you and never will - demon or no. Move on. I’m all for tweaking things to our own advantage, bending (hell, breaking) the wills of others and even causing some destruction and chaos from time to time but the “I really like this chick but her pesky free will keeps preventing her from seeing how amazing me and my cock are and she won’t stop NOT being my sex slave” seems to be a disturbing theme around here. Just get a hooker or a Real Doll.

I’m gonna take a wild shot in the dark and say you’ve never evoked an entity let alone a demon. You need experience to do that if you want tangible results and not have your ass handed to you on a platter. Best case scenario - nothing will happen and you’ll feel like an idiot for talking to thin air. Worst case scenario - you’ll piss off a demon over some trivial crap which is not something you want to do and then a flirty girlfriend will be the least of your problems. These are ancient beings who are far more intelligent than you or I on our best day and they will not be trifled with. They will tear you a new asshole and delight in every second of it.

Read the forum, purchase and study EA’s books, practice for a few months, study some more, practice again and then go for the zombie girlfriend who can’t live without your penis.

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Fuck that…ask her to stop if that bothers you, if she doesnt and keep on going then ask yourself if it is something you wanna put up with or not...if not just dump her...I think this is a question of mutual respect, basically... I dont think the issue is worthy to pull an entire occult operation, but thats my two cents. Oh, and I agree with the previous poster, flirting is not equal to cheating. P.S: What is with guys wanting some zombie chick whose only line would be "yes dear, yes dear"??? Anyone with a head between shoulders would want a partner with personality and own ideas, but doesnt seem to be the case.


1: Simply sit down and discuss the issue with her. Voice your concerns within a calm and collected manner without displaying anger or a whiny attitude…those will be counter productive. Let her know that the behavior just isn’t something that you can tolerate and, if it continues, you’ll have to move on.

2: Completely drop the issue so that she has time to adjust while you start looking into better methods of pleasing your woman within the bedroom. Research various techniques while simultaneously discovering what she likes, what makes her tick, what makes her quiver and writhe with wanton lust. Act as though the conversation the two of you had never transpired…just work towards enthralling her the best you can. Avoid as many fights and altercations as possible; keep things blissful between the two of you.

3: If the behavior continues, follow through with the threat and leave her. Do this in person and, once again, display absolutely no anger or remorse over the decision while presenting yourself as though you have decided that it’s time to move on and that the two of you would be better off apart. The less emotion you display, the better… Don’t be cold, but be calm and collected while expressing an adequate amount of concern for her feelings…but stay on course and follow through.

  • If you have followed through with the first step, you’ll have maturely addressed the issue within your relationship and given her the opportunity to better herself. Now she’ll have it firmly rooted in her head that you are the better person and this was entirely her fault…she has absolutely no one to blame but herself.

  • If you have followed through with the second step, you’ll have left her unable to find satisfaction in anyone else. Find out what makes her tick, leaves her weak in the knees each and every time you leave the bedroom, and you’ll have her right where you want her. Most men don’t take the time to satisfy the women they sleep with…nor do they actually seek to discover exactly what makes their woman tick on an individual level. Her lovers, after you, will always leave her unfulfilled in comparison to the times spent with you…she’ll yearn for that release…and this too will play heavily upon her mind.

  • If you follow through with the final step, you’ll leave her with the realization that she was discarded. This will likely play upon her insecurities and result in a questioning of her self value. Combined with the previous two steps…it’s fairly likely that she’ll find herself feeling extremely low and horribly confused about what happened.

Creating a zombie is never enjoyable…it’s dull and tasteless. Taking someone’s very soul into the palm of your hand…that’s utterly delicious. There’s a chance that she’ll simply decide that ending the relationship is best at step one, and if this is the case…simply go with it and do as I have stated, agree that it’s for the best and be done with it. In the worst case situation…you lost someone that you are going to lose anyway if you continue on the same path. In the best case scenario…you’ll confuse her horribly by your calm demeanor and that will play with her mind considerably.

Enjoy the game!

You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain.

[quote=“Yuquen, post:3, topic:3375”]P.S: What is with guys wanting some zombie chick whose only line would be “yes dear, yes dear”???
Anyone with a head between shoulders would want a partner with personality and own ideas, but doesn`t seem to be the case.

Because banging a mindless drone would be awesome? Well, in theory anyway. It seems creepy to me but that seems to be a popular request around here. Hell, on any occult forum really. Men usually want the woman to devote herself to him so he can have a veritable sex slave and sammich maker. Women generally want to force some cheating, lying slob to do an about face so she can prove to herself, her family and friends that the loser she picked really wasn’t a loser. Same theme, different chord.

I do get wanting to change an aspect of a person so they’re more agreeable and I have no moral objection against it (for the most part) but try the mundane first before jumping into spells and evocations. Sometimes a “Hey, that hurts my feelings when you do that. Would you cut your shit out?” is all that’s needed.

and that in a nutshell sums up both love magick AND the pickup community.
at some point you realize the following:

if she’s always looking over her shoulder for the next big thing, then maybe she’s not the one.

i could give the whole 'fix yourself up and she’ll come back to you speech, but i won’t. i agree - to a point you can do self-improvement. and to a point, you can learn to persuade her. but ultimately, if you are not compatible, you’re just not compatible.

do some divinations to find out if she’s even right for you. if not ditch her. if she is, you have to do some self-improvement and learn to persuade her back to your cause. but don’t assume it. check for the vibe first.

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Saint Martha the dominator is good for that. My Godfather tells clients all the time I can make him or her stay with you but Theyre not going to be happy. He’ll do it for clients but he refuses to do it for his godchildren. Because its not in their best interest. Fuck that dude you deserve better. THis is bad but I do it. I put a love spell on my ex wife to make her obsessed with me. And I still fuck other girls. Fuck that hoe She deserves it. So its a love spell but more like a revenge spell because of the way it works.

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I didnt read your statement through all the way. Girls flirt all the time. Maybe shes a girl with low self esteem thats needs reassurance and validation from other men. If thats the case then you should end it and move on. Trust me You’ll be good as long as you can pay all your attention to her. But as soon as you cant thats when she’ll cheat. You want a strong self assured woman. Thats super hot by the way ladies. Maybe she wants to make you jealouse and see you get mad. Get a little jealouse dont be a stalker or beat any guys up. Then you’ll just scare her away. Say damn baby I don’t like to think of you being with anybody but me. Your myn. Most women love that shit even the most self assured woman likes to see that her man has balls and testoterone. Who says you cant flirt with girls? You have to have the mind set that no women would dare cheat on you cause your that good. You fuck her so good that any guy would fail in comparison to you. Thats just me. but what do I know. I married a hot Colombian girl that was a seriouse arm piece. But she turned out to be a gold digger. But I’ll tell you this I know no man has ever fucked her better than me. Thats what I think. Thats what you have to think.

Flirting doesn’t always mean anything, let it go.