Demons < Dieties?

My friend has said Demons were smaller god.
The way he put it sounded like dieties were stronger or more powerful then them.

Even if theyre equal whats the biggest diffrence you guys have noticed between the two?

Demons are their own race, Gods are their own race. Some Gods created demons, Demons cannot create life the same way Gods can but Gods can create life the same way demons can.( just as I believe humans can’t create life like Gods can but can like demons and to me thoughtforms do not count as creating life) I’m not sure on a major difference when comparing two different races with one another. Then again Demons are beings of dark energy elemental wise and Gods elemental energies vary from light, dark, fire, water, earth, air, death, Aether, Void, cosmic, etc.

So only real differences in my opinion is Gods are and descended from the Primordial Gods/Creators and demons are part of that creation. However sure a Denons can be worshipped as a titled God but they are not born Gods. One stays a God as long as they are worshipped and the other does not need worship, often times people try and force merge Demons with Gods and that’s in my opinion disrespectful.

Powerful is usually used when a newbie tries to use the force of a person’s energy to gauge their power. Powerful is knowledge and knowing how to use it in the right situations. Both Gods and Demons slip up and perish under someone in equal, lesser, or greater terms than themselves. Both are perishable even if it takes a lot to do so.


The word Daemon means spirit, If you look at Goetia, some are spirits, others are actual Gods that got Demonized by the Abrahamic current, like Astarte, imo Daemon is nothing more than a spirit, his or her characteristics and attributes dont matter, we can say that Angels are Daemons too, although I get when distinguish between demons and angels as well, in popular opinion, even in the esoteric, Demons have always been associated with a Darker nature, though that doesnt make them all evil, some are though, just like some are neutral others good and so on, I prefer the word Daemon or spirit, it makes the understanding of the (perhaps sometimes) Dichotomy between entities of all kinds much easier.

Thats why I refer to certain Beings as Dark Gods, others as Angels or Archangels, others as Spirits, others as Gods, but demon is a word that shouldnt exist imo, its Daemon that is correct imo.


Everyone says this. You mean like edgy or asociated with vices (power, sex, etc). And Angels light as in benovolent and loving.

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Not neccesarrily

It depends on what is a god and what is a demon within your own system. Some people refuse to call any entity “god”, while others call the demons “gods”, some other call “gods” representations of natural forces, etc. For example, some Christians believe that their god is the only god and all the other gods are demons.

Well yeah thats dumb imo. Like Kali is a god and so is zeus. But Belial on the other hand seems like a strict demon

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I don’t believe the goetia are God rather they are demons with the rank Geotia. I believe people chose to align them to Gods and that’s it. That demons are a race in their own and Gods are a race in their own. The goetia are their own beings and the Gods are their own beings. If people want to associate the two that’s fine but they should be prepared to either meet one or the other or a being or thoughtform claiming both.

Also I don’t care for the whole dark nature and evil human nonsense. When I say darkness I am speaking on nothing but the elemental energy that went into their creation just as the elemental energies that exist in any other entity and race of beings.

I don’t really associate the term demon with the stereotypical religious nonsense as I’ve met demons who called themselves demons.

I hen people keep asking evil or all that other nonsense I always state I am speaking of the elemental energies not some good vs evil creation.


Yes I agree with some points, However to me i think some Goetic entities are Gods based on mythologies they derive from

That’s the thing atleast in my opinion it just became a norm for people to try and merge demons with Gods for some reason. However, in the case that a God was legitimately painted as a demon due to religious means then I tend to stop associating them with the demon aspects that were made up around them because then you’re feeding energy into a made up association and when you feed into that your capability of contacting the actual Deity imo is lessened because you’re also feeding a religious dogmatic idea that if anything could manifest into a separate thing. That’s pretty much what a lot of thoughtforms are, copies of existing entities that were in some may misaligned and fed energy into.


100 percent agree, hence why I believe some of the Beings on there are Gods that were made out to be demons (Abrahamic demonization) and why there are Daemons, spirits

That depends completely on the demon and the god in question.


Could you give an example of this?

Meaning a God can be harmed, killed, out maneuvered etc by a demon, angel, human, fae, etc depending on the situation. Same with a demon, angel, fae, etc. Born Gods while different from titles Gods and the other races. They still are individuals with their strengths and weaknesses. Even if the Gods predate demons (atleast ones born prior to the creation/birth of demons and such) but you get my gist lol.

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Oh I knew that. Part of my initiation was battling them in the astral. Its quite hard after like level 3 difficultly your imagination has a hard time keepimg up and thinking of new ways to attack.

I thought you meant the powers of a God are equal to a certain number of demons.

Like so a spell for moeny would be better for a wealth god since its a god rather than give it to a wealth demon.


I mean depends some gods have more time to develop such a skill then a demon given the situation. However, yeah I get you. I’ve only ever sparred in the etheric with Erebus, Zeus, and a few other deities.

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I know this is majorly off topic but I had to say this: the deities are going on a diet.
r/ boneappletea

On topic: as a traditional demonalotress we believe each daemon (I believe that’s more respectful than demon) is a god.

tl;dr it depends on your belief system.

Although, worshipping a demon as a God isn’t the same as a born God. It’s almost the same as saying every demon is just a rebellious angel.