Demon's delivery delay

Hi everyone,

I know that a lot of us magus & believers often doubt about our spells and requests even if we know that we should not lust for results.

So i thought that maybe we could share with everyone how long it took for entities to deliver our request.
So that we keep being confident.
We know that magick is different for everyone and so can be the results, though there are some parraleles that can be made.

Here are my results according my works with Goetia demons:

Belial: find my job in 3 weeks
Belial: Find my apartment in 3 Weeks

Bune: several cash delivery ( 4-5), always within 3 days

Salash’ash: cash delivery in 2 days

Clauneck: find me a job in one week

Sitri found me several hook up ( unknown) overnight sevral times

Gaap: making people fight took 2 days

Beleth:meeting new friends worked overnight

Gremory: brougt to me several sugar daddys in 4/5 days

Amon brought back my best friend after 2 years of break up in 3 days

Rosier delivered potential lovers overnight but with always complex situations…

i might have others I have to remember…

now tell us :slight_smile:


I would say the demons love you a lot x what’s your secret?


and this is only one year of work lol

how do i do?
i trust them 100%, i clean before they come, i never banish
i give them total access to my body anytime and noone ever possessed me
when the sigil has been open i don’t have to open it again

but don’t get me wrong, i have been wanting to work with some of them and i thought they said yes but they changed their “mind” last minute when i had been doing things in the physical and those are demon some of you guys work with so…


I am so getting tuition from you x development as a mage does not come so easily so Your tips seem worth trying x

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i don’t know if my tips are worth trying but i would just say NO FEAR and TOTAL TRUST


This is looking great Ebdr!^^
Thank you so much for sharing!I
In my case, i had found demons extremely quick to help with practical stuff for mundane life,
It is a full and total contact with them that i am missing at the moment,

But like Belial said to me: First resolve your mundane shit, and everything else will be give to you!


Belial is the way! " where there is a hole there is a way" is that what he said?


Bwahahaha, " where there is a hole there is a way" laughed so hard at that, it is really a Belial stuff, lol!
Looks so true and also pervy!:joy:
Thanks dear!^^

he said it to someone from the forum, i don’t remember who!

For your list, just worked with Bune, and it was awesome!
But all of the other Lord Demons added, i think i would like to do works with them all!


Yep yep x it’s just that I am full term with a baby and despite keeping an optimistic lookout for days, today fear got the worst of me.


relax Huney… is it your first one?

Nope the third x I would relax but there are many problems which spring up suddenly.

Like, every morning I am too scared to switch my phone and email back on fearing more financial bad news than we already have x

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I love it! thank you for sharing ebdr

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i understand. try not to stress for the baby

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Yep x trying my best x

i send you a lot of love and light

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A hug for you x let’s all hold tight during the good and bad times x


Sent Opfaal to an alcoholic to help him. Three days later in AA and been totally dry for a while now.

Thanks Opfaal :purple_heart:


When I let go and trust, as long as I’m putting in work as well things happen quicker than I ever expected. They also really like to surprise me with little things. Mostly random pokes to let me know they are never far away. I don’t banish without a reason. They are free to come and go as they please. The sigils of the ones I am closest to stay under my pillow when not in use. But I’m also very upfront about wanting to bond and build a familiarity before handling business things. If they aren’t interested, it’s all good. I thank them for their time, give a little offering and leave them alone unless I feel they want my attention.