Demons contacting me through dreams

I wanted to know how common is to make contact with demons through dreams even when you are not trying to contact them. I’ve had some dreams with some demons even when I have never done any ritual for them. Sometimes a demon or entity comes at my dream and they give me their names and show me something at the dream. Has anybody experienced something similar? Does this mean that maybe the demon on the dream wants to develop a working relationship with me?


Yes i do have dreams about demons contacting me mostly are the ones that i already work and others that i need to.

it is a strong indication that indeed they want to work with you especialy when they give their names and sigils,you can pull the vibrations of that memory and its energy into your place and you will have a clearer picture of whats happening.

now you can ask your questions and pretty much your curiosities.


It’s happened to me a few times, but only with my patron.

It has happened several times for me and usually means I’ll end up working with these entities sooner or later. Sometimes I have the impression that us, Dark Mages are the “evoked” and not the ones that do the Evocation.
I think we are like channels or gateways and that these Dark Gods effect great changes in our dimension through us.
These dreams sometimes even ended up saving my life because there were times some demons would show something dangerous that was in the future or warn me about people or situations.