Demons connected with Nature?

Is it just certain demon’s or all demons?

magick is always better in nature unless you are in a very charged room but some demons are more connected then others, but all of them are connected to nature in some way

Some demons are said to be tied to nature, but similar to how Belial is tied to earth. However, if it’s nature related you’re better off reaching out to Fae, Aos Sidhe.


the first demon that come to mind is Pazuzu

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Pazuzu was a God, son of the God Hanbi.

He was a god how did he get his godhood revoked?

It can’t be revoked he’s a born God not a titled one, only titled Gods can have it revoked. My use of the word was is a mistake on my part.

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Isn’t he demonic god?


He’s a demonic God but not a Demon, he has legions of demons of his own creation under him.

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Oh, I see where is my mistake. thank you

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I think he just lost mainstream attention