Demons can live inside you?

Important** Please read the whole story. My question is were there actually demons inside of me?

Have tried summoning 2 times, not sure if they were successfull however my experience with something is very strange hear me out. A few months ago, being heavily into this type of stuff i would call out the chant of king paimon and also address any other spirits that could hear me that they could dwell in my vessel, or body. I told them I wanted the ability to hear a music instrumental and come up with endless lyrics for it, I told them i wanted my social anxiety to be gone, all anxiety what so ever gone, No fear, Careless to what others think of me, and being 18 and still playing video games i also asked to increase my skills whilst i play. I told them i want this in exchange for them coming inside my body.

Now this is the crazy part to me. Normally when im normal im anxious a little bit, caring of what others think of me, and suck at any games. However after i did the chant i immediately went into a soft lucid state. My physical movements became eloquent, confidence through the roof, i didnt give a fuck about anything, endless thoughts, and overall i felt very manic like i had unlimited energy. i felt like how a human sympathy would imagine what a zombie feels like but not being able to connect with it. Its crazy to me.

I also had a crave to visit and watch graphic bloody sites. I fet very detached from the world, likei do any evil and boast about it proudly. And my gaming skills? through the roof. I play battlefield a shooting game. I have screenshot proof of people calling me a cheater due to my score count. It’s a gamei know but it’s my experience. I also noticed that during all this my eyes in pictures are darker and appear dead, i seriously look evil. Now this only lasts a few days at a time, after they leave i guess? im back to feeling hungry,weak, self concious, kinda slow,and a little deppressed. I think im addicted to having them invited inside my body. The euphoria i felt is addictive to me. My third eye has been open for a long time, since childhood i could sense and feel the presence of evil, however i could never sense good. The beings that i could sense just watch me, i can pull in from them that they are dark entities, however they just watch me, im used to it. And the crazy part? When i call out and tell them to come inside my body, i no longer feel them in the room, except i feel them radiate through me, then after a few days they eventually leave and i feel them watching me, from a corner or wherever in my daily life.

(You can stop reading now but this is a little added part). Just a quick note, i do believe that real demonic possession is not how the movies like exorcist portray them to be but i think if the demon wants to cause harm it appears as just extreme mental illness, such as asylum patients. I


Just as an fyi, walls of text are very hard to read. If you could break it up with paragraphs more people will be able to get through it. :slight_smile: :+1:


What did you offer in exchange for the skills you acquired?


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I think I read that wall of… that text…correctly. Seems like you got something from that arrangement, despite it looking a bit shady.

So, what are you asking? If they’re living through you now, I dont see what the question is.

Do you know their names? Do they work for someone identifiable? Kinda important to know, unless your long-term safety isn’t a concern.


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Got it. So the deal was the talent vs your body ? There is no question here, they live inside you.
It was just possible to ask for the talent vs a simple thanks.

What do you want after that? Ask them to leave, it’s also your option while you’re still living and have all your mind :roll_eyes:

You are a real danger to yourself, the spirit did what you asked for.


My energy, my life force.

How does this make me a danger to myself?

Come into me Demons Take possession of me Feed through me from the universe I offer myself as a Living Phylactery . … Simple price to offer the Demons


Was there any limitations such as length of time or amount of energy?


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Advisory: long post of total bluntness without any pussyfooting around.

@affa Can’t say for sure about the danger but there is possible danger in what you did.

Possession is by all accounts progressive and proceeds in stages. The deeper it gets (posession aka them living in you) the greater the risk to you yourself. Not by them causing Hollywood style harm to you. Not that. By the fact that there is a process of gradual merging and if you are not strong enough and the entity or entities are stronger they can end up in 100% total control living as you with you not able to do anything you being trapped inside and them in control of every single thing and you not able to stop them.

With them in control if they wanted you to punch a brick wall hard enough to break your hand and draw blood there would be nothing you could do to stop them and if they were sadistic they could make you watch them do it. That is a mild example. More extreme they could make you commit homicide or suicide. So the risk is if you are not strong enough and stay possessed long enough instead of the merging of you and it becoming a partnership if you aren’t strong enough they become you and you live trapped inside yourself maybe trapped in a black place unaware of anything or maybe they let you watch but you can’t do a dam thinking say a dam thing cuz they have the control.

THAT is why someone said you put yourself in danger.

Also if it’s a parasite possession not some other kind of entity tgey can and likely will drain your energy and they could theoretically drain so much of it that you slip into a coma and die in a worst case possession by parasite case.

I don’t know if you are strong enough to handle what you’ve got yourself into but it can be dangerous and it can be deadly or lead to you being in a state worse then death in the worst case scenario.

Now best case is it’s not a parasite that’ll drain you dry and it’s not something that wants to live in your body without you having a say in what it does. Best case scenario you’re strong enough to survive and to form a partnership with the entity.

So…. Good luck to you. You are going to need it. And as someone who had a possession I can definitely say worst case scenario it pushes you into a black place where you don’t know what’s going on at all and have no say. That happened to me once when what was in me suddenly took over. When it was done doing what it wanted and I was for lack of a better word for it let out of the black place I came out of it to find myself being shrieked at by a totally whacked out crazy lady who kept screaming at me that I was evil screaming “you’re evil you’re evil” at me.

That was the only time I’m aware that it did that but I am telling you in the worst case scenario that will be your existence trapped in blackness if what’s in you is stronger and doesn’t want to share your life with you. If it doesn’t want partnership with you. If you let it stay and it turns out that it’s stronger then you.

I got lucky in that whatever was in me wasn’t maliciously evil and didn’t want total control and doubly lucky in that it left our got pulled out of me not sure which if it got pulled out lucky that it violated a rule or something if not then I was lucky it decided to leave of its own accord. You may not be so lucky. That’s why someone said you put yourself in danger.

You may not be lucky or strong enough so…
Good luck you’re gonna need it.

I know you or someone is gonna ask so…When it left it felt like a cork being pulled out of a wine bottle that’s the closest description of how it’s exit felt to me.


What I said is worst case scenario but you needed to know what the worst possible consequences can be (they may not be as sure BUT you can’t be sure so it’s best to assume the worst and play it safe and seek help possibly from a demonoloter exorcist if need be not a Christian on since they may not be able to do anything). That is of course if worst come to worst

For the record I think it’s kinda dumb to invite any and all nearby spirits to possess you. I did something similar (not that but it was similar) so I know it’s not a smart thing to do. What if Jack the ripper’s or Dhamer’s spirit is nearby do you want to be inviting it in? Anyhow hope you seriously consider my points from my first reply post.


Yeah, like that time I asked Astaroth to take me to hell. (yeah, seriously, these beings can be dangerous, like fire, and electricity, but that doesn’t mean we should never contact them, just that we need to be mindful of what we ask for, and note when things have gone too far.)


I had a similar experience, the black place. The medical term for it is called dissociative disorder or something similar. I was 17 at the time and had almost tunnel vision,my head felt empty and it’s like i was seeing through my eyes from the back of my head, and this was during the time when i was almost heavily into it. For me it was kinda peaceful? because i had no thoughts and were almost completely unemotional, sometimes it felt like i was on a human auto pilot as in i just did without thinking. I dont remember when it went away but i do remember it happening last year some time.

From what i can remember the energy was unlimited, it only lasted around a week or so until i started to feel like my self again

These are three different things. Dissociating once doesn’t mean you would be diagnosed with dissociative disorder, that’s two things… but the black place here is very different from just being dissociated. I have both dissociated, and bee possessed, mildly, the difference is clear, and significantly, in the feeling of the other being that is with you.

I had control, but something about it scared the hell out of everybody I interacted with. Evil is as good a word as any, though there was no baneful intent at any point, the alienness is too much I guess.

It’s more like, being locked in the trunk of your car, and someone else is driving. You are aware of movement maybe, but you can’t see, hear or take control.

Agreed. Most don’t have motivations you can understand let alone predict, it’s not reasonable to assume they would only want a fair exchange of energy for experience. You also have to be able to get your body back at will, and that may not always be so easy. Otherwise I guess you could do it, recover, and do it again. I think there are safer ways, harder work but cleaner and more reliable.


Well then be careful cuz it can go bad, even if it hasn’t gone bad before or yet you never know if it could.

And mine was definitely not dissociation I had the classic signs like knowing languages I never learned.

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:point_up_2: Yes this is a very good description.


Exactly my experience. It’s totally different from DID.

Add: when it wasn’t in control I was still interacting with it could feel it and converse internally with it in a manner of speaking. I DEFINITELY had an entity (caps for emphasis). That’s why I know what can happen even though it may not. It I’ve actually experienced it (possession and being locked away by the entity on 1 occasion).

Add: it’s not something to play with and you don’t want to just do it with any random spirit because it can be dangerous and can go bad. I suggest not inviting possession but if you’re determined to do so do it with a entity you’ve formed a relationship with after you already have a relationship like friendship already going on with it.

Add 3; a relationship isn’t formed from1 or 2 encounters it takes lots of interactions so just encountering a spirit a couple times doesn’t mean you have a relationship remember that. It takes time & effort even with spirits (you don’t fall in love on a first date you aren’t besties with somebody the first day you meet on the first day of school it takes getting to know them and it applies to spirits too not just humans).


It sounds like they changed your energy field to match Paimon. He is most likely using your mentioned state and willingness to change your energy patterns. In other words, he is changing you into one of his subjects. Possession doesn’t end in a loyal soul but modifications do. One of the main results of this is you will be weakened to your darker temptations. Once you give into one temptation a stronger one will come forth and so on and so forth. Eventually, it will lead to a few terminal outcomes. All ending of course with onset death.