Demons as patrons vs. relationships

Something I’ve been wondering about for a long time… what’s the difference between a patron demon and one you have as a companion?

Is a patron more like a teacher? If that’s the case, mine would probably be Bael, as he’s been helping me business wise (I’m trying to found my own nonprofit).

But I have several demons that are closer to friends because they check in with me a lot to see how I’m doing. Leviathan helps me process my traumatic memories by going into a trance state/astrally going to see her. Paimon helps keep my negative and intrusive thoughts at bay.

Then there’s Gremory, who has bonded with me in an almost girlfriend way. She comes almost every night and helps my anxiety calm down so I can sleep. I see her as a shadow at the top of my bed. This whole thing started with astral sex which I’ve read she gets up to with people sometimes.

So which are patrons and which are something more? And is this dangerous or fool-hardy to develop such close familiar bonds with them?


A patron is like a teacher, yes. There is absolutely nothing wrong with bonding with them, if you have friendly, respectful relationships with them why shouldn’t a friendship (or more in some cases, for some people) develop? No harm in that as long as you communicate honestly. I feel so enriched by having a close relationship that developed out of a mentorship, it continues to help me grow in so many ways. I say, don’t put a label on it and enjoy your beautiful relationships.


Can u have more than one patron?

Yes, I think so. They should work well together though.

The Ancients commune and just as any other spiritual being they draw closer to some of mankind more than others.
Those who teach may not always be those who give comfort.
And these Ancients who desire to invest or indwell within you in a more intimate way are likely imparting in you that intense connection or bridge that will help you connect with others of empowerment down the path.
I find that my Kapu is a very strong symbiotic spirit who has chosen to remain within me and around me as a guardian, companion and comfort.


Not really, no. Unless it somehow impacts your life in a negative way. As long as both parties are consenting, there isn’t much of an issue.

In fact, I’ve noticed that it seems pretty common to start off as a student-teacher relationship then have it develop into something more. That’s how Belial and I became lovers. He still is my teacher, but he’s also very romantic.