Demons are awesome 👍

your experiences with demons are blessed by Lucifer

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They’re not. If you look at how angels are described, they’re power houses of terror, it was during the early stages of Christianity that angels were depicted as beauty to make it seem more of a tangible concept to Roman citizens who were used to worshipping gods that had idealized forms and physiques


This is nonsense.

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Lol, Angels are not more beautiful. They’re depicted that way. Spirits are energetic, I think it’s our mind that perceives them in a way that makes sense to us.

Angels are fucking terrifying, you walnut.



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Actually I’ve seen forum members called worse…it happens alot here. I learn to not take it personally.


lol, imagine being so mad about being called a walnut. Also flagged for trolling.

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I think it is really the opposite. If you see them in their true from. They seem more free then angels which leads to them being more beautiful in my opinion. If you look at what man made them look like (which is just art). They yea they are ugly, but it isn’t them.


Right, well that’s how people DEPICT angels. Flowing wavy hair, beautiful feathery wings, flying and swinging swords with elegance. Not to mention armor or some less clothing…

My experience is not all angels are “nice”, and some are “bloodthirsty” or described that way.

Is that really all it takes? Sounds like you have a lot more self work to do with the Angels.


If you want to learn more about religious iconography surrounding the devil or demons, look up the documentary “how the devil got his horns” its an art history documentary on the evolution of the devil in art, free to watch on tubi tv


satan actually have horns

The title was to bring attention to the question.

Lol no, this is more accurate.




3 heads? from where you got that?

Okay, see THATS why I don’t evoke them.

Creepy. Looks like some ghoul/bird/goat mix…

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who’s this ?